5 Essential Electrolux Central Vacuums Accessories

Electrolux has been a trusted name in vacuums for more than a century. The company produced its first vacuum cleaner in 1912. Today, the brand is known for high-quality modern Electrolux central vacuums and accessories, and it’s one of the best choices for your home cleaning needs.
Whether you already have an Electrolux unit and want to add versatility with accessories, or even if you’re still exploring your options for a new central system, this guide to 5 essential Electrolux central vacuum accessories will be an invaluable resource.

1: Electrolux Vacuums Powerheads

Electrolux VacuumThe best central vacuums are highly modular, with many quality parts that are interchangeable between different systems.
If you have an Electrolux central system or are thinking about installing one, then a powerhead is one accessory that you should not be without. This is one of the very best upgrades that you can make to any system, allowing you to deep clean any solid floor or carpet, even luxury carpet with a deep pile.
Sebo powerheads are recommended for Electrolux vacuums. Sebo is one of the top names in the vacuum business, and their powerheads are in a class of their own. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the company offers a comprehensive 15-year warranty, giving you the confidence you need to make a long-term investment.
The Sebo Pro ET-2 Electric Powerhead is the best-selling model on the market, and it’s the perfect addition to all Electrolux central vacuum systems. It features two power stages to provide gentle or deep cleaning on all floors in your home.

2: Small Electrolux Vacuum Accessories

A wide powerhead is excellent for cleaning floors quickly and efficiently, but, sometimes you need a smaller Electrolux accessory for cleaning upholstery, corners, mantles, windowsills, shelves, or any other tight space in your home.
A deluxe round dusting brush is a versatile accessory that you can use in any home. If you are looking for Electrolux central vacuum accessories that you can use almost every time you clean, this is the one to choose. The deluxe brush uses natural horse hair bristles that dislodge dust and other debris with gentle movement. Unlike a nylon brush, this brush won’t damage delicate surfaces.
The round design allows you to easily work your way into almost any crevice or corner, leaving your home clean, fresh, and dust-free.

3: Floor Brushes for Effortless Cleaning on Hardwood, Tiles, and More

If you don’t need a powerhead and simply want something small and lightweight for cleaning bare floors, then a wide floor brush would be one of the best Electrolux vacuum accessories to invest in today. A floor brush provides similar cleaning to a standard head, but with the added cleaning power of scratch-free bristles that help to remove embedded dirt and debris. For hardwood floors and tiles, a floor brush is essential.
Take a look at this Central Vacuum Twister, which is the perfect fit for all Electrolux central vacuums.

4: 30 Foot Kit for Car and Garage Cleaning with Your Electrolux Central Vacuum

With the right Electrolux central vacuum accessories, you’ll also be able to clean your car, with professional results that are more convenient and much cheaper than any detailing service.
This Deluxe Central Vacuum Car & Garage 30-Foor Kit is affordable and made to the highest quality standards. You get all the accessories needed to reach into the tightest corners of your car interior. A crevice tool, specialized upholstery tool, and round dusting brush will help you to keep your car clean and free of dust and allergens. The 30-ft hose is perfect for most homes, or, you could choose a larger 50-ft kit for even more flexibility.

5: A HEPA Filter That Cleans the Air as You Clean Your Home

A high-quality HEPA filter can be fitted to most Electrolux central vacuums to provide the highest quality breathable air in your home. The ActiVac III filter is a HEPA muffler/filtration system can remove more microscopic particles than traditional vacuum bags and filters. One of the best Electrolux vacuum accessories, a HEPA filter will keep allergens and irritants out of the air, leaving your home fresher and healthier after every clean.
The right accessories make your Electrolux central systems even better. Explore a range of the best Electrolux attachment kits and accessories with Think Vacuums, and you’ll be fully covered for any cleaning job in your home or garage.