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How do you maintain your Eureka central vacuum? Generally, the only thing needed is emptying the debris and cleaning or changing the filtration. However, there are some other upkeep and preventative options beyond that. Here is how you maintain the vital Eureka vacuum parts.


The basic maintenance of a Eureka Central Vacuum System is changing the bag or emptying the dirt receptacle on the central unit, much like a regular portable vacuum. To do this, you remove the base of the unit with a twist or by unlatching. Dump the debris and put a plastic bag over the bottom and shake the center-weighted cloth filter. Some models have a foam filter that can be removed, washed, and completely air-dried.


All Eureka units use permanently sealed motors in their main collection unit. They need no lubrication or oiling. Regular maintenance for typical residential usage should include checking the motor brushes for after every five years. While checking the motor brushes, ensure that the center motor shaft is solid and has no play or wobble. If it does, the bearings are wearing out, and the motor will require to be replaced.

Motor Replacement

It should take less than one hour to change your Eureka vacuum motor. Here is a quick "how-to" change your motor.

  1. Use the Eureka Motor Replacement Parts Chart to find the correct replacement motor for your Eureka model. When your new motor is delivered, take some photos of your original motor, so you remember how it was initially wired.
  2. Switch off the circuit breaker or unplug the central vacuum unit.
  3. Access the motor by releasing the outer housing. Usually, there are a few screws around the perimeter. Remove the motor and unclip the motor wires.

Inlet and Pipe System Maintenance for Eureka

How maintain a Eureka vacuum

Maintenance of a Eureka Central Vacuum
System ins easy and affordable

It is worth noting that inlets can get worn out, lose contacts inside the hole, leak air, or have a gasket or spring missing. Unfortunately, parts are not available for central vacuum inlets. Therefore, the entire inlet requires to be replaced. The good news is they are not expensive, and it is not problematic to replace an inlet valve.

New vacuum covers look fresh and work much better. New and compatible styles, colors, and designs are also available. Additionally, a trim cover is also available during checkout and is useful for covering the marks on the wall where the old inlet sat. Most inlets can be installed opening up or opening down. If you wish to have a different style or color, you can choose from several inlet cover plates.

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