Flexible Tubing and Other Essential Parts for Central Vacuums

Vacuuming can be inconvenient, noisy, and costly when you find yourself shopping for a new vacuum every few years. Moreover, portable vacuums are typically smelly, heavy, and frequently leave you wondering whether your carpet is clean.
Fortunately, the installation of a central vacuum is the solution to these complaints. However, numerous homeowners aren't aware that these appliances are an option. Moreover, numerous misconceptions exist surrounding how they function.
Those who've embraced the appliance recognize their reliability and flexibility when it comes to cleaning dirt. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about constantly stopping to empty the dustpans. Here's list of the essential components of this household appliance. 

Vacuum Tubing 

Central Vacuum PipesThis pipe is purposely for the central vacuum industry and nearly every manufacturer adheres to a stringent guideline instituted by the American Standard of Testing. Pipe manufacturers, central vacuum installers, manufacturers, and consumers developed the standard as a way of building consistency into the way in which their installation occurs.
The benefit of this tubing is that it's purposely designed to decrease the likelihood of blockages in the system. Its thinner wall enables cost savings and matches the hub's thickness. Furthermore, the wall's thinness joins more easily to the fittings without the need for PVC primers.
The drawback is that it isn't readily accessible at the local store. Due to its restricted production, the freight cost to acquire this component has become a huge cost. In the event that you're looking for a pipe for your system, our central vacuum pipes will come in handy.
If you're uncertain about the pipe to purchase, don't worry, our experts will gladly advise you. Furthermore, we have a range of central vacuum pipe fittings for various machines. Beware that central vacuum fittings and pipe are specially constructed. Therefore, if you use the wrong kind, you might need to open your home's walls to unclog your system in the future. 

Vacuum Hose 

Central vacuums have flexible, lightweight, and crushproof hoses. They come in various lengths and are the only hand-held part. You can use it to clean any surface of your home. You simply plug in the wall end into one of the inlet ports throughout your home.
The design of some hoses allows them to cause the suction to begin immediately once plugged in. Other hoses have a fitted on/off switch on the hose's handle end. You'll find the hose contained in the system's pipes until you pull it out for use. Once you finish vacuuming, the vacuum's suction retracts the hose back into the pipes. 

Vacuum Unit 

At the system's core is the vacuum's power unit. A powerful unit offers deep cleaning and strong suction, while the filter works to separate debris. The vacuum is usually in a remote location, for instance, the basement or garage.
The motor draws air through the hose and pipe and retains all the captured debris, dust, and coins in the filter. The clean exhausted air is then vented within the area or outside. Depending on the capacity and type of filter, you should replace it every 3 months to a year. Your vacuum will go on once you insert the hose into an inlet within your home. 


Depending on your home's size and the hose length you select, the installation of inlets in your walls will occur at different locations. Inlets are accessible in electric or regular low voltage, which permit you to use a powerhead and electric hose.
For existing constructions, most people install ordinary inlets and utilize a pigtail hose for their powerhead and electric hose. Inlets are available in various appealing styles to match your home's décor for instance, polished brass. 

Vacuum Tools and Accessories 

You can purchase numerous accessories for maintaining your home's cleanliness. The common accessories are the two kinds of brush heads: air and electric-driven. Air-driven brushes use the suction to turn the brush.
On the other hand, electric brushes utilize a motor to spin the brush, enabling the air to penetrate freely into your carpet. Besides brushes, you can use other accessories throughout your home for different purposes, for instance, cleaning blinds and mopping floors. You can attach the accessories to the hose or extenders if additional length is necessary.
When you decide to invest in a central vacuum system, you'll benefit from its powerful, quieter, and convenient features. In the event that you're in the market for some of its components, you can obtain them from our wide range of products.