Frequently Asked Questions About AirVac

If you have recently purchased a home or business with an AirVac Central Vacuum System installed, you may have some questions about the brand and the type of vacuums they produce. Many homeowners are dismayed to learn this brand of vacuums is no longer in production and new central vacuum systems are no longer being installed in homes and businesses. However, this does not mean that you cannot use the system for many years and easily fix any issues that arise with compatible parts. Just because AirVac no longer makes central vacuums and/or central vacuum parts, you can still maintain your current system with compatible parts from Here is everything you need to know about these outstanding vacuums, how they work, and what components and repair parts you may need.

What Is the History of Air-Vac?

AirVac Wall-Mounted Power Unit

The AirVac Company dates back to the late 1800s. At this time, the company was seen as a true innovator and pioneer in an exciting new industry. From its earliest days, the company focused on creating vacuums that emphasized innovative design to make the unit as easy as possible to use. This approach made the company successful and popular with consumers for more than a century. Specializing in quiet and energy-efficient central vacuum units, AirVac offered many different models to meet any homeowner’s preference. In particular, the Platinum Series models are considered to be some of the best and most efficient in the industry. These cleaning machines work like other brands by sucking up dust, dirt, and other debris from surfaces and sending them through the piping to the collection canister. The canister is emptied as needed, typically only 2 or 3 times each year. The company recently ceased production of central vacuum systems and the associated parts in 2015.

What AirVac Models Have Been Produced?

There are multiple models and designs of AirVac vacuums sold over the years, each with distinct features. One of the biggest advantages for homeowners is the ability to choose a model that uses a bag or a bagless model, based on his or her preference. Some of the most popular models of AirVac Vacuum include still found in homes today, include:

  • The AirVac AVP3000
  • The AirVac AVP7500
  • The AirVac AVP12000
  • The AirVac AVP24000
  • The AirVac AVR3000 Bagless
  • The AirVac AVR7500 Bagless
  • The AirVac AVR12000 Bagless
  • The AirVac AVR 24000 Bagless

What Are Some Of The Distinctive Features Included On AirVac Central Vacuum Models?

AirVac was a pioneer in the vacuuming cleaning industry that used these features:

  • Convenient bagless technology
  • Plenty of air-watt capacity
  • Powerful, heavy-duty motors
  • Built-in debris bucket that captures up to 6 gallons of dirt, dust, and debris
  • Permanent fabric filter that filters down to 0.1-micron diameter for cleaner air
  • Exhaust can be routed outside the home
  • Quiet operation that allows the owner to use it at any time without disturbing other people in the household

A distinctive feature found in AirVac central vacuums was making all components compatible with the rest of the industry. This includes piping, fittings, motors, circuit boards, inlets, hoses, attachment, and power brushes. Any exceptions to this policy will be noted and identified in accompanying product pages.

“Just because AirVac no longer makes central vacuums and/or central vacuum parts, you can still maintain your current system with compatible parts from our company.”

What Components and Accessories Compatible with AirVac Central Vacuum Systems Are Available?

Electric Attachment Kit – Full Package

Over time, vital components of AirVac central Vacuum systems can wear out and need replacement. These systems are well made and designed to stand the test of time, but like any other appliance in the home, parts can simply wear out or possible break as time goes on. Repeated use of the system puts pressure on these parts and can cause them to fail before their time. There are many replacement and repair components made by other reputable companies that can work in an AirVac vacuum. Learn which tools you need for a thorough job and how to use them for the best overall results.

Some Of the  Vacuum Parts That Need Replacement  Most Often Include:

  • Ametek-Lamb Motorsare equal or exceed original motor performance.
  • Wall Inlets are compatible and provide an upgraded appearance.
  • Newer style filters typically provide cleaner air than older models.
  • Dustpans are great when you only need to clean small areas.
  • Bags that are durable and sturdy are available for virtually all models.
  • Hoses that become bent, broken, develop air leaks, or worn are available.

Vacuum Bags That Fit Securely in Canister

There are also many accessories you may want to add to your AirVac central vacuum system to make the unit more effective and customized for your preferred uses. Electric Powerheads can be more effective and useful than those you have on hand, resulting in a better, cleaner carpet or floor surface. These powerheads are especially good for pet owners or parents of small children who need to regularly clean up small messes in the home. Specialized floor brushes can increase the efficiency of the unit on different types of flooring, like tile, wood flooring or extra thick carpeting. Car and garage attachments make it easier to clean any vehicle yourself, saving time and money on detailing services. Expandable wands make it easier to reach high and low dusty spots throughout the home that might escape your natural grasp. Manuals for models 2500 and 5500 are still available. Though the AirVac Company ceased production of central vacuums and the associated accessories and repair parts in 2015, there are many repair components, tools, and accessories produced by other companies that work for them. Talk to one of our central vacuum specialists at  1.888.513.1437to find tools, attachments, parts, and accessories for your discontinued vacuum. offers the best prices you’ll find anywhere on these components.

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