A Central Vac for the Garage

garage vacuum system retractable hoseIf your property has been plumbed for a central vacuum system, with the garage's head-unit installation then it is easy to kill two birds with one stone and connect to that system. The concerns are that they take up precious space, and if I do choose to use the garage vacuum to suck up something disgusting, I'd obviously prefer not to use the home's central vacuum system for that.

In case, I want to keep a long vacuum hose neat and clean while not in service while still making it conveniently available, hide a hose vac system is the solution.

Rockler is known primarily for its woodworking tools and supplies, but many of their items are still valuable to those who deal with wood. One such item is the Rockler Dust Right Shop Vacuum Hose Reel ($150). The reel isn't relatively affordable, but it seems to be a good option for quickly getting a central garage shop vac device up and running.

Central vacuum system refers to conveniently located connections to which a shorter hose is connected. However, since we're talking about a simple two-car garage, the word central refers to not trying to switch the entire shop vacuum and only using a retractable hose.

Rockler's reel is made of steel and has a pre-drilled hole at the top and bottom of the base plate so it can be fixed onto two wall studs with the crank handles on each side—the holes are 16 inches in the middle.

When fully wound, the reel will accommodate up to 40 feet of 112" vacuum hose, which should be enough to cover most two-car parking lots, even though the hose must be momentarily directed through vehicles and other barriers when in operation. A friction knob prevents the long hose from unreeling too easily as it is steered around the garage. Rockler does recommend that if you are using 40 feet of hose, you use a shop vacuum of at least four horsepower to avoid losing too much suction.

 A port from the outside of the Rockler reel provides for a 2½" hose attachment to a dust separator or a shop vacuum. A port on the inside of the reel attaches to a 1½" extension hose, which Rockler sells individually in 20′ and 40' lengths. Finally, until the hose is completely unwound, a retainer strap in the reel stops it from detaching.

Garage Retract Vac is a garage retractable hose device. It is operated by the InterVac central vacuum unit and is suitable for both rapid clean-ups and more thorough cleaning work. The Vroom Garage Retract Vac Kit cleans all within and outside the garage, including motorcycles, workbenches, shelves, doors, ceilings, and more, thanks to its extraordinary 30' hose scope. Simply extend the tube, vacuum any debris, and retract it in seconds.

Garage Retract Vac Combo With a Wall Mounted InterVac Garage Vac

The InterVac Compact Vacuum attaches to either wall with four screws and is built to be quickly removed and repositioned. One InterVac Compact Vacuum, combined with the basic adapter package, can easily clean a 1200 sq ft area by strategically positioning the vacuum unit.


  • 400 watts of airpower and 110 pound-feet of water lift

  • Increase the reach of your existing central vacuum by adding a unit

  • It can be used alone, which is ideal for the kitchen or bathroom

  • Power Cord is 5.5 feet long and can be installed with or without a pipe fitting

Complete Accessory Kit

This central vacuum accessory package comes with all of the normal cleaning accessories and a mesh tool pack. Each tool is built to meet the tough demands of the garage, laundry room, or vehicle. These attachments have a friction fit and are simple to connect to the garage central vacuum hose.

Complete Installation Material

vroom garage retract vac central vacuumIt includes everything that you need to install the Retractable Hose, as well as the following:

  • (4) 90 Sweep Elbows 

  • (2) 45-degree Sweep Elbows

  • (4) Stop Couplings 

  • (1) Stop Couplings for Hoses

  • (4) Low Voltage Wire Holders with Fast Clips

  • (3) Tube Separators

  • Low Voltage Wire 40' 18-2

  • 40' 2" PVC Tubing

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