Vroom Retract Vac Products or Central Vacuum Systems

Vroom central vacuum systemsAccording to several garage retract vac reviews, users report that no vacuum cleaner provides more convenience than the Vroom Retract Vac. Notably, if there was only one word used to define the new Vroom Retract Vac from H-P Products, convenience would be the one. 

The Vroom Vac is a new product that is an accessory for Vroom central vacuum systems that can be as inconvenient at upright vacuums, although cordless vacuum cleaner designs are gaining popularity faster.

We all know the central vacuum system's advantages – generally higher power and less to drag around the house. Still, you have to lug around 30 – 50 feet of hose, in addition to the attachments you are using. The annoying thing is that you have to get a place to store all that hose.

Vroom garage retract vac systemThe H-P Product’s Vroom Retract Vac has come with all the glamour of a Hollywood starlet. This Vac system is a retractable hose system that can extend up to 35 feet. 

Notably, it is not the first retractable hose system on the market. However, it is different. Some vacuum systems have the hose retract back into the pipes that also provide suction. 

That may require some expensive re-plumbing if the size is not correct. The Vroom Retract Vac installation can be done next to any connection point of the central vac system. It uses the system’s suction power to retract the hose back into its storage area.

Even though it does not require the piping for storage, it does need space. You are going to have the installation done close to a cabinet or closet, so it is out of sight. There is also the issue of price.

If you want to entirely ditch the traditional hose that you have to carry around the house, you will need a vacuum cleaner unit in every room or area. Still, with traditional hoses retailing at about $100 for a 50′ section, you can expect that the Vroom Retract Vac will be a little more than that.

If you do not mind the additional expense to upgrade, the Vroom Retract Vac looks like an outstanding accessory for your central vac system. According to most vacuum cleaner reviews, H-P Products is responsible for Vacuflo, Element, and Dirt Devil central vacuum systems. Therefore, the Vroom Retract Vac will play well with any of those systems. Nevertheless, H-P Products also notes that it will work with any central vacuum system. 

Vroom Retract Vac installation

Vroom Cav Cleaner – A Handy Hidden Vacuum

Have you ever wished you had a vacuum cleaner handy the moment a spill or mess happens? Rechargeable hand and stick vacs are convenient when stashed near a kitchen or laundry room. 

However, sometimes they are not powerful enough to clean up big messes, especially if the battery is drained.

That is why H-P Products developed the Vroom garage retract vac system. It is a compact, corded vacuum installed inside the kitchen, laundry room and bathroom cabinets, workshop, garden shed, or wherever big or small messes happen. 

It is available in two designs – one works along with a central vacuum system ($199) while the other, the Vroom Solo ($399), is a freestanding unit that plugs into any standard 120V outlet and contains its own collection bag.

Both of these models have attachments, wands, and retractable 18- or 24-foot stretch hoses for extra-long reach. Simply pull out the hose to activate the vacuum and clean up your mess. Afterward, you can retract it back into its slim container. 

The Vroom central vac style also provides adjustable suction and a bracket to mount it upside down from a garage ceiling. Thus, it is out of the way but still within reach when your car requires cleaning. Vroom vac system strikes most users as a smartly designed, at-the-ready but out-of-sight kind of cleaning tool. What could be better?

If you are in the market for a new and effective vacuum cleaner, check out the latest Vroom vac cleaner reviews for better decision making. You will find all the facts you need about the Vroom cleaner. Get the best vacuum cleaner for your home!

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