Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum Cleaner Guide for 2020

Best Garage VacuumGarage Retract Vac is powered by the InterVac central vacuum unit in your garage and is suitable for both rapid clean-ups and much more thorough cleaning work. By its 30' outstanding hose reach, the Vroom Garage Retract Vac Package cleans anything outside and inside the garages such as vehicles, workstations, cabinets, walls, floors, and more. 

Only take out the hose, vacuum the debris and retract back in minutes. A tidy garage isn’t always simple to set up or maintain. It may be harboring residue leftover from drilling or sawdust spread all over the surface from sanding wood. The sort of mess you’re struggling with, the level of complexity to clear it is increased when it’s in the garage. 

When the mess builds up to the extent where you must do something about it, you’ll typically reluctantly pull out the broom to try to clean as much of it out while resisting the use of your elegant house vacuum, fearing the possibility of damaging it. The fastest way of cleaning up the garage, workshop, or vehicles is to purchase a wall-mounted garage vacuum

This device will provide plenty of space-saving answers that will save you time and unnecessary suffering. Don’t forget the satisfaction that comes with a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner especially for your garage. You will focus on your project guilt-free trusting that the resulting mess will be cleaned up easily and efficiently. Your garage should be a comfortably tidy place to do the jobs that you like.

Where Do You Install Your Vacuum Cleaner?

It may not sound like a big deal but the place that you want to install your garage vacuum is crucial too. If you want to install it in a central position, on one of the sidewalls, it would be halfway between the garage door and the rear. 

It can be placed in the center of the rear wall allowing it an equal reach between the left and right areas of the garage or you can position the unit in one of the corners of the garage. Other garage cleaners are equipped with filters that require replacement after a specified period or number of uses while others are installed with filtration that will last the lifespan of the unit.

Hose Length

 Best Vacuum Cleaners For The Garage As discussed before, when the system is ready and connected to the wall, the length of the hose ought to be adequate. If the system is meant to be static there’s very little that can be done with a small hose.  

The cleaning range would be affected by a short cleaning hose, which is why you need to decide whether the length would reach where you intend it to go. I will speak thoroughly about the hose length because of its relevance to the efficiency and ease of the overall cleaning experience.

Can an Extra-long Vacuum Hose Have Sufficient Suction Power?

A 40-ft hose offers a great cleaning range, however, a longer hose will limit the suction capacity, particularly when used with an average output unit. For this purpose, you can only find a couple of top-performance wall-mounted vacuum cleaners that come with a long hose length greater than 40-ft. 

Preferably, it's better to buy a garage vac with a hose as close to 40-ft as possible to provide the absolute best coverage without totally ignoring parts of your garage that are farther away.

Is the Length of the Power Cord Important?

We commented on this issue a little earlier and suggested that the length of the power supply doesn’t add to the cleaning scope of a vac that is attached to the wall. 

If the hose is 25-ft and the control cable is 20-ft, you won’t get the advantage of the cable length if the unit is fixed against the wall. You can only enjoy the benefits of the combined 45-ft length if the vehicle is on rails and you’re pulling it along. 

Personally, if I had the option I’d still go for a garage vacuum with a longer hose and an average length power cord rather than a shorter hose that is similar in length to the power cord.

Why Does a Wall Mounted Vacuum Have Wheels?

The Best VacMaster Vacuum Cleaner for Your GarageIf your garage vacuum is meant to be mounted on the wall why does it have wheels? For instance, your hose length could fall short of the area you would like to clean. Similarly, if you're using the machine to gather wet items, the weight of the machine will significantly increase since liquids are heavy compared to dry debris and as a result, the wall bracket may be unable to hold the heaviness. 

In this case, you should unmount the machine and leave it on its wheels while accumulating fluids. Even if the wheels may not be used much, it’s nice to have them there as an alternative should they ever be needed. 

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