Home Solution With One Vacuum System

Retractable vacuum hoseRetractable hose machines replace lugging your moveable cleaner everywhere in your house or transfer your vacuum hose from one point to another. Since the hose is placed inside the vacuum tube or is found within the device itself, it as well removes the need for you to carry the cleaner hose. Retractable hose devices, when you most need them, carry the vacuum control to where you need it!

We have many device options that allow us to really configure your central vacuum system to suit your requirements. This part of your machine is the "entire-house cleaner" for your planned profound housework program.


The "whole-house vacuum" for your planned deep cleaning procedure is this component of your method. The Chameleon Retractable Hose Device and the control unit built are used for this. It is meant to cover any section of your home and has the capacity of a universal vacuum of up to 5 times. For bare floors, carpet, upholstery, and more, accessories are available. Up to 2,200 sq. feet will cover one centrally-placed Chameleon valve. Your HomeZone takes control of your conventional vacuum specifications.


Vroom garage vacuum systemSpeedZone quick-clean items are found in your home's high trash regions and are meant for the 5-second clean-ups that are required many times a day. There are some SpeedZone items we conduct:

Retracting Vac by Vroom

In your garage, add the pace and comfort of a retractable hose device! With a 30 'hose, Vroom Retract Vac comes normal, but could be tailored up to 50'. It sweeps everything both within your garage with its comprehensive hose coverage: vehicles, workstations, cabinets, stairs, floors, and more!

About Vroom

For Vroom, every mess which your everyday life throws at you is ideal for fast clean-ups which are easy. There's no need to carry a broom and brush, just add your vacuum power to the mess!  boards, counters, walls, drawers, of course... There is no place that is off-limits. Vroom has an outreach of up to 24 inch which is out of sight before you need it. In bedrooms, restrooms, and craft zones, Vroom is excellent.


The spot aims to harness the ventilation of the central vacuum to offer on-the-spot cleaning and, the moment you are done pulls back out of sight into the wall. Spot has a 15-inch hose and is ideally placed in positions where repeated everyday messes occur—next to the washing machine, pet areas, entrance hall, laundry area, and more!

This vacuum machine is normally wall mounted hence it is far away from your way also leaving a huge space where you can put other items. This means that it does not take up all your space in the house or garage.

It has a powerful performance

The system has about 120 voltages which makes it a super-efficient machine in cleaning dirt. It gives up to 30% more engine lifespan than the traditional brands. With the strong power behind this vacuum, it would not only do a good job in cleaning and picking up dust particles, but will even clean everything from bolts, sawdust, and nuts. The system comes with a five years’ warranty including 90 days commercial usage warranty.

The system has different tools aimed at various uses

Garage central vacuum systemThe machine is designed with various tools and attachments for cleaning the garage. The normal hose is about 35 feet in length, but there is also a 50-inch model that is available. This makes it an ideal machine to use since you do not have to pull and stretch in order to make it reach the points that the hose cannot access.

There is also a floor brush which is designed for the garage or shop floor as well as premium cleaning gadgets for cleaning and dusting the floors, cars in addition to crevices and cracks of your shop or vehicle seats. 

Once you are done with the cleaning of the workplace of your car, you can handle the leaves left on the floor of the garage. The system has storage attachments like a hose hanger and caddy bag for tool storage.

Ensure you are shopping for the best garage vacuum system retractable hose and we at Think Vacuum ensure that you get full information regarding any item you want to purchase. Call us today!

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