Our Retractable Hose System Offers Whole-Home Vacuuming Solution

garage retractable hose system

Unlike traditional central vacuums systems, retractable hose systems are the fastest and healthiest approach to clean your home! One system can be your whole-house vacuum solution for planned cleaning and vacuuming for messes in high foot and traffic areas of your home!

What is a Retractable Hose System? 

Retractable hose systems substitute the need to plug your portable vacuum around your house or carry your central vacuum hose from valve to valve. 

Moreover, it also eliminates the need to store your central vacuum hose as the hose is stored within the vacuum tubing or is contained within the duct itself.

Retractable hose systems bring the vacuum power to where you require it, when you need it the most! We offer several system options that allow us to customize your central vacuum system to fit your needs wholesomely.

Key features of the Garage Vacuum System Retractable Hose

Retractable hose systems substituteHomeZone

This part of the vacuum system is the "whole-house vacuum" for your scheduled deep cleaning routine. It uses the Chameleon garage vacuum system retractable hose and installed power unit. It is intended to reach every room of your home and has up to 5x the power of a portable vacuum. 

Attachments are available for carpet, bare floors, fabric and more. One centrally-placed Chameleon valve can cover up to 2,200 square feet. Your HomeZone will take care of your traditional vacuum needs.


SpeedZone quick-clean products are located in high mess areas of your home and are designed for the 5-second clean-ups that are needed several times a day. We carry several SpeedZone products:

Vroom Retract Vac

It brings the speed and convenience of a retractable hose system you require in your garage! Vroom Retract Vac comes standard with a 30 feet hose but can be customized up to 50 feet. With its extensive hose reach, it cleans everything inside and outside crucial areas, surfaces, and items including cars, workbenches, shelves, floors, ceilings and more! 


Any mess that your daily routine throws at you is perfect for Vroom for effortless, quick clean-ups. There is no need to grab a broom and dustpan. Instead, bring your vacuum power to the mess! You can clean counters, floors, drawers, ceilings with no area being off-limits. Vroom has up to 24' of reach and is out of sight until you require it. Vroom is great in kitchens, bathrooms and craft areas.


Spot harnesses the airflow of your central vacuum to deliver on-the-spot cleaning and retracts back out of sight into the wall when you are finished. Spot features a 15' hose and is best installed in places where messes happen often like next to the dryer, pet areas, foyer, mudroom and more!

airflow of your central vacuumThis powerful garage vacuum system retractable hose is wall mounted so it is up and out of your way leaving you enough room for the things that matter like your vehicle.

Our Garage Retractable Hose System Offers a Powerful Performance

The vacuum cleaning system has a 120 volt 5.1″ (5.7″ for Pro) Ametek Lamb motor for performance, a sealed HEPA-style bag for filtration, and 7-gallon dirt capacity. The motor in this system offers up to 25% more motor life than comparable brands. With the power behind this vacuum, it will do a great job picking up dirt and everything from sawdust to nuts and bolts.

A Variety of Tools for Whole-House Vacuum Solution

This system works together with a set of tools and accessories for your garage cleaning needs. As mentioned earlier, the standard hose is 30 ft. long (a 50’ version is also available), so you will not have to pull and stretch to make it reach. There is a floor brush for the garage or shop floor and premium cleaning tools for dusting and cleaning fabric, vehicle floors and in the cracks and crevices of your vehicle or shop bench. 

After you clean up the car and workplaces, you can pick the leaves on the garage floor with the garage retractable hose system. Also included are storage accessories such as a hose hanger and caddy bag for tool storage. 

An extension wand is also included for added reach and above-floor cleaning. Accompanying accessories include crevice tool, upholstery tool, floor tool, dusting brush, hose, ratchet wand, hose hanger and storage bag.

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