Get a NuTone Central Vacuum for the New Year

Get a NuTone Central Vacuum System this Year for a Cleaner Home

If you want a cleaner home with healthier air this year, then a new Nutone Central vacuum system could be the perfect gift for you and your family. By investing in a new central system, you’ll provide the gift of cleaner floors and surfaces, cleaner air, more convenience, and added value to your home. NuTone central vacuums offer some of the best features on the market with proven reliability and plenty of power for the needs of any modern home.
It’s time to get rid of that old heavy and awkward portable vacuum and make it easy on yourself. It’s faster and easier to clean stairs and hard-to-reach places. If vacuuming your entire house is tiresome with your current cleaning machine, you will be pleasantly surprised with a CVs light weight and assortment of attachments.

Why Is a Reliable Vacuum Cleaner So Important?

NuTone Central Vacuums Are Versatile A reliable vacuum cleaner is more than just a modern convenience: it’s a necessity. The best vacuum cleaners will protect your family from dust and allergens while keeping your floors and ceilings clean. Portable vacuums like uprights and canisters need more maintenance and repairs than central vacuums. Where portable models only last 3 or 4 years, these systems last 20-year plus and need little maintenance.
A powerful Nutone system can provide full home cleaning for a reasonable price, and with the Turbo Attachment Kit, you’ll be able to clean floors, ceilings, corners, fabric upholstery, and much more. Reducing the amount of dust, allergens, and debris in your home will allow the whole family to breathe easier. This is a serious issue for those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, especially if you have pets. You can reduce the risks of these health hazards with a powerful vacuum with superior air filtration.
A starter package with the NuTone PP5501 can provide efficient cleaning in small to medium-size homes  offering suction power and convenience that you simply won’t get with a standard portable vacuum cleaner.
The Pure Power PP5501 Central Vacuum combines powerful suction and self-cleaning filtration that removes dust, dirt, and allergens from your home.
It features a sleek design that can fit into small spaces such as an apartment, condo, and small homes that are up to 4,000 Sq Ft. This compact unit is small enough to fit in a laundry room or even a closet. The PP5501 operates quietly and is virtually silent due to the ULTRASILENT Technology design.
Because NuTone vacuums are reliable, you get your money’s worth and more with any of their models. Knowing the advantages of central vacuums will help in your purchase. We will discuss larger models for larger homes in the ensuing paragraphs.

Why You Should Choose NuTone Central Vacuum Systems

NuTone PP5501Power Unit
NuTone Power Unit Mounted in Garage

NuTone central vacuum systems offer superior power, convenience, and quiet operation. While there are many central systems on the market, none of them can offer you the benefits on the same level as a NuTone.

  • NuTone central vacuums have larger motors and are much more powerful than upright and canister vacuums. They are America’s most trusted name in central vacuum systems.
  • They are very quiet because the motor and collection canister are located outside the living area such as in the garage, basement, or utility closet.
  • Installation parts and instructions are provided and it’s possible to fit your own central vacuum systemwith just a little DIY knowledge.


“A centralized system eliminates the inconvenience of vacuuming and turns one of the oldest household chores into something easy and even fun to do.”
  • NuTone systems are highly modular and can be upgraded as your needs change.
  • Car and garage kits are included with some packages.
  • When purchasing from authorized retailers like Think Vacuums, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee and hassle-free returns. free shipping on select products, and free tech support,
  • These vacuums are supported by an extensive repair network, and high-quality spare parts are readily available.

Save Money on a Complete Package It’s quite clear that NuTone offers great value with plenty of functionality, and choosing one of these systems could be the perfect gift for you and your family this year.

Support for Larger Homes

If your home is larger than 4,000 sq. ft., you still have options in the NuTone range with either a PP6501 or  PP7001 model. The largest model is powerful enough to provide effective cleaning for homes of up to 12,000 sq. ft. These power units come will a package containing all installation hardware, professional PVC pipe, a complete vacuuming tool attachment kit, a car and garage kit.
Floor pans are handy when you need to vacuum small piles of dust or debris. Just open them up, turn on the power, and sweep into the hole. If you have more than one family car, then you’ll appreciate the car and garage kit that includes 50ft. of extension for use when cleaning your vehicles.

It’s Simply More Convenient to Use a Central Vacuum

Your average portable household vacuum must be pushed or pulled around your home when it’s time to clean. Even in a modestly sized home, vacuuming can become hard and strenuous work for the elderly, disabled, or those with other physical health issues. They are awkward to use on stairs, ceilings, ceiling vents, and fans because the hoses are short.
A centralized system eliminates the inconvenience of vacuuming and turns one of the oldest household chores into something that is easy and even fun to do. You’ll be amazed by the versatility that you get from NuTone attachment kits. A complete kit is a major savings compared to buying tools, attachments, and accessories separately, especially if you are on a tight budget.
You can easily maintain your vacuum by replacing the bag every 3 months to prolong the life of the motor. Order your Tornado cloths and other maintenance items to keep your appliance working properly.
You can explore all of your options at Think Vacuums today. We’re authorized retailers of systems, power units, kits, parts, and accessories. When you treat yourself to a central vacuum from NuTone, you’ll be left with a healthier home that is easier to clean than ever before. If you want to learn more about how central vacuum cleaners work, check out this informative article.

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