How to Clean a Vacuum Hose: Regular Upkeep for Better Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is the most excellent tools to thoroughly clean your carpets, upholstery, curtains, car seats and more. However, a vacuum cannot clean thoroughly if is not well maintained, which is why you should regularly service your system to keep it at peak performance.

This piece will guide you on how to clean a vacuum hose and how to maintain a regular vacuum cleaner so that it will last for years to come.

How to Clean a Vacuum Hose

Unblocking And Cleaning A Vacuum Hose The vacuum hose spreads the reach of your vacuum. Most vacuum cleaners have retractable hoses to help you clean hard-to-reach spots without carrying the heavy vacuum body. By adding a telescopic tool, you can further get rid of dust and dirt further. So, your vacuum can clean your floors, carpets, and curtains and eliminate dust on top shelves, ceiling fans and so on.

Due to the flexible design of the vacuum hose, it is very susceptible to clogging. Large clumps of hair, dust, and dirt can easily collect inside the hose and impact the performance of your vacuum. Therefore, the very first thing you need to learn is how to unblock a vacuum cleaner hose.

Unblocking and Cleaning a Vacuum Hose Using a Physical Means

  1. Release the vacuum and remove the hose from the vacuum body.
  2. Lay the hose flat to initially loosen the clog inside.
  3. Examine the hose to check if the clog remains.
  4. Use a broom handle or any long stick to eradicate the clog.

Washing a Vacuum Hose with Bleach and Soap

  1. Mix dish soap and bleach to clean the hose
  2. Submerge the vacuum hose in the sink
  3. Clean the outside portion of the hose
  4. Rinse the tube in running water
  5. Inspect the hose
  6. Hang the vacuum hose to dry

How to Unclog a Vacuum Cleaner Hose

One of the greatest problems that users often encounter is their vacuum not picking up dirt. Usually, this could be due to blocked filters which mostly need cleaning or changing. This may also be as a result of a blocked hose.

How to Identify a Clogged Vacuum hose

If your vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt despite a strong motor, examine the hose. Remove the hose from the vacuum and check if the machine works. If it does, you have a blocked tube. Take away the hose from the machine and unclog it.

Washing the Vacuum Filter

How to Unclog a Vacuum Cleaner HoseThere are two types of vacuum filters: reusable filters and disposable filters. If you are using disposable ones, replace your vacuum filters with new ones. Ensure that this is compatible with your vacuum cleaner model.

It is recommended that you check your filters frequently. If you use your vacuum every day, change a disposable filter every six months. But if the filters are dirty, these should be changed as soon as possible.

If you are using reusable ones, remove the filter from the machine and wash it. Please take note that it has to be precisely mentioned in the instructions that your filters are washable. Do not clean disposable vacuum filters.

Also, broken filters and old reusable filters that are already falling apart should be changed. These will never be effective in trapping dirt and dust any longer.

  1. Take away the vacuum filter from the vacuum. Follow the manufacturer’s directives on how to locate and remove the filter.
  2. Eliminate dirt and dust manually by picking these up or slightly tapping the filter to remove the trash into a plastic bag.
  3. Clean the filter with dish soap and running water. Rinse it entirely.
  4. Air-dry the vacuum filter. Make sure that it’s scorched before placing it back inside the vacuum.

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