A Guide To Replacing Your Household Vacuum Cleaner

A Canister Is Good for Rugs and Hard Floors Use the Right Tools for Vacuuming Stairs

While you may have owned a vacuum cleaner for a very long time, there will come a point when it needs replacing. If you have never shopped for a vacuum cleaner, you may be at a bit of a loss to purchase the right one for your needs. First of all, don’t be tempted to simply head out to the store and grab the first one you see.

Replacing your old vacuum is a decision that you want to consider carefully for these reasons:

  • You may have moved to another house with different cleaning needs.
  • Carpets have been replaced with different heights and thicknesses of fibers.
  • You may have added or removed hardwood, laminate, or tile flooring.
  • The household budget may have changed up or down.
  • Your health condition may be different now.
  • You may have moved to a different climate.
  • Pets have been added or removed from the household.

Any of these new conditions can call for a different approach to choosing a vacuum, tools, attachments, or accessories. The following information and this article will help with your selection of vacuum types and uses.

Exploring the Different Types of Household Vacuum Cleaners

SEBO Automatic
X7 Red

Upright Vacuums - You are probably well aware that upright vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular. They are well suited to deep cleaning and they’re also the most powerful type of portable vacuum out there. They come with several attachments, one of which is often a rotating brush that scoops dirt from the carpet. Many others are available for your specific needs, such as stairs, furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, or ceiling vents.

Both bagged and bagless versions are available making them one of the most popular you can buy. They might not be great for tight spots, but larger homes with lots of floor space will benefit because they have a wider cleaning head.

Miele Compact C2

Canister Vacuums - These are much lighter than the upright models and they are designed for smaller spaces. They consist of a wand attached to the main tank. Canister models are suitable for cleaning the following:

  • Carpets
  • Couches
  • Recliners
  • Stairs
  • Corners

You can either use the canister vacuum cleaner as a companion to your upright or you can simply use them as the sole device if you have a smaller area to work with.

“Whether it’s a house, a condo, apartment, or something entirely different, you need a good vacuum. Now would be a great time for you to think about replacing the old one that’s showing wear you’ve been keeping in your closet.”

Dyson Stick Vacuum

Stick Vacuum - This type of cleaner is helpful for vacuuming small messes in the kitchen or even your dining room and you want to take care of it quickly. It’s a smaller, more lightweight model that takes care of the small jobs handily. If you have a smaller apartment with a lack of carpet, a stick model will probably be for the best.

Handheld Vacuums - If you need to do some spot cleaning, a handheld vacuum cleaner (once fondly referred to as a dustbuster) can be an outstanding idea. They obviously aren’t going to replace your upright or canister vacuum cleaner but they do well in a pinch and are definitely worth your while to have around. They are also dandy for cleaning out the interior of your car, SUV, or truck.

Bagged Vs. Bagless

Now we come to the all-important question: is it better to have a bagged, or bagless vacuum cleaner? It all depends on you, actually. Bagless vacuum cleaners are easier to manage because you won’t need to constantly purchase bags for them, but bagged vacuum cleaners may be better for those who suffer from allergies as they do a better job of containing the debris, especially when you are emptying the bag. The choice is up to you, and you know better than anyone what would work best for your specific needs.

If you go with a bagged model, buy only high-quality bags because they are durable and won’t come apart when in use. Buy several at a time to get a lower price and you will have one at home when you need it. If you go with a bagless model, be sure to keep the canister and filter cleaned at regular intervals.

A Selection of Tools, Attachments, and Accessories Is Essential

Your new vacuum will come equipped with a few basic all-around cleaning tools. To save time and money, we recommend buying a complete set of tools, attachments, and accessories with your new vacuum. This way you will have what you need for specific cleaning jobs and won’t need to order again from a website or store.

Finding the right vacuum cleaner for your home is a matter of preference and it can also be a monumental task. With that in mind, we urge you to take the preceding tips into account and make sure that you’re not only getting the most bang for your buck but that you are also getting something that will work for the space that you are living in.

Whether it’s a house, a condo, apartment, or something entirely different, you need a good vacuum. Now would be a great time for you to think about replacing the old one that’s showing wear you’ve been keeping in your closet. Call us for assistance if you need help in finding the vacuum that you need and get to cleaning!

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