Hide-a-Hose Central Vacuum System

What is a Hide-a-Hose?

Hide a Hose offer a solution to the challenges experienced in the storing and carrying of a large central vacuum hose, hence enabling an easy and fast vacuuming process.  With the Hide a Hose System there is no more dragging around a hose from room to room, going from inlet to inlet, and storing of the Hide-a-Hose is simple, it retracts into the wall out of sight when not in use. Hide a Hose is easy to install in new construction and can be retrofitted in existing homes with a central vacuum system. This super useful space-saving gadget is on the ThinkVacuums must-have list. 

How Does Hide-a-Hose Work?

Central Vacuum Hose Storage & Hose Hangers

The Hide a Hose Retractable System uses the suction power of a central vacuum unit to retract the hose back into PVC pipes hidden within the walls of a home completely out of sight.  To use, simply pull out the amount of hose you need from the inlet valve, connect a wand, cleaning attachments and you are ready to vacuum. Each inlet valve can hold up to a 50' hose that can cover up to 2,300 sq ft. That means fewer inlets are used, saving time and making vacuuming more convenient. 

Does Hide-a-Hose Use Attachments?

Yes, Hide a Hose has a variety of attachments designed to be used with the Hide a Hose Systems. It is important to use only the manufacturer's recommended attachments. Refer to the owner's manual for more information. 

Central Vacuum Hose Storage & Hose Hangers





Hide a Hose Frequently Asked Questions

    • It comes down to the size of the home and how many inlet valves are needed. Because each valve requires its own hose, Hide a Hose Systems need special fittings and piping that will increase the price of materials and labor. It can range anywhere from $125 to $700 per valve depending on the size of the hose and materials needed. 

      • The Hide a Hose can be installed in most homes with a central vacuum system and have access to an attic or crawl space. Hide a Hose is stored with the walls using PVC piping using 45° and 90° elbows and other specially designed fittings. 

      • The Hide a Hose systems are fully customizable for the perfect fit of each home. Therefore parts are sold separately. Complete attachment kits can be purchased after installation is completed. 

      • Refer to the Hide a Hose manual for full warranty information.

Hide a Hose Manuals

  Hide-a-Hose Owners Manual

 The Hide A Hose Story

Hide A Hose is the first central vacuum system of its kind with its extraordinary retractable hose system. Hide A Hose is refashioning central vacuums. It all started with an idea from Father and Son Gary and Rod Drivstuen. Gary Drivstuen was running his normal errands, something he did every week, but one visit to the bank drive-thru sparked a brainstorming session. Gary Drivstuen at the time operated a group of convenience stores and car washes with his son Rod. While sitting in the drive-thru watched the deposit container zip into the bank. When returning home that day he walked into the house and tripped over the hose from his central vacuum system. He then realized how much he and his wife did not like having to pick up and lug around a heavy central vacuum hose to each inlet of the house. At that moment he remembered what he saw at the banks' drive-thru that day and thought to himself, “Is it possible to use the suction from the central vacuum system to pull the hose back just like the container at the bank?” Gary knew he was onto something great.

In 1999 Gary and his son started their long entrepreneurial journey to bring their company Hide A Hose Inc. to life. Hide A Hose Inc. has built a network of dealers across the United States, Canada, and abroad. The company grew fast and a short time later they moved its headquarters from the 1,000 sq ft basement of Drivstuen’s home to a 12,000 sq ft facility in Monroe just Northeast of Seattle.

Central Vacuums and the Benefits of the Hide a Hose

Central vacuum systems are found in millions of homes across the country. Since these units are located away from living spaces cleaner air is provided and these systems do not recirculate dust, allergens, and dust mites back into a home. Central vacuum systems are quieter than the traditional vacuum cleaners on the market today and bring more value to a home.

Even with these benefits of central vacuum systems, most people do not like the inconvenience of lugging around a big bulky hose from inlet to inlet. This was the motivation Drivstuen needed to take his idea and make it into a possible product which later became the Hide A Hose Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System.

The Hide A Hose Anomaly

To put it simply, Hide A Hose Systems solves the issue of lugging around a big hose and having to store it when not in use. With a Hide A Hose unit, the hose is easily stored inside the wall. Each inlet in a home has its own hose within the central vacuums tubing.

Hide A Hose increases the convenience of having a central vacuum system when you are ready to vacuum pull out the hose to the desired length (up to 50’), attach a cleaning tool, and begin vacuuming. When you are finished vacuuming, the suction from the central vacuum unit retracts the hose back into the wall inlet out of sight. Since carrying a hose from inlet to inlet is eliminated with the Hide A Hose System, longer hoses can be used. This reduces the number of inlets needed on a home.

Hide a Hose Inc. has strategic partnerships with H-P Products, Lindsay Manufacturing, MD Manufacturing and Tip Top Parts to Distribute the retractable Hide A Hose Systems. Along with these partners, Hide A Hose Inc. is vigorously increasing its dealer networks nationwide. Homeowners are fascinated by the convenience of the Hide A Hose Systems that they are motivated to install these systems into their homes.