Introducing the Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose.

Hide a Hose Rapid Flex hoseRapid Flex is the very first Hide-A-Hose with the capacity of operating without a hose socket. The modern Rapid Flex boasts a sleek exterior look, which provides more durability and better maneuverability both inside the wall and when stretched. It works just fine for installations involving sharp corners, curves, and planes. 

The Rapid Flex Hose also gives a greater diameter than the normal HAH hoses and enhances your airflow circulation by up to 25%. This will encourage you to have more cleaning power and efficiency, even with a smaller power unit

The redesigned modern Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose now has a darker color of slate blue.  Recent market polls showed that this color, particularly over the previous bright blue color, is more common with clients and other consumers. 

In addition, the Hose is made from a soft contact material that totally removes the need for a hose sock and simultaneously covers your furniture from damage. 

With the Retractable Hose Vacuum System, the hose is kept within the wall. Every outlet has a hose concealed inside the vacuum tubing of the machine itself.

The suction from the central vacuum unit pulls back the hose into the wall and out of reach until you are done cleaning. You therefore only need to take your handle to another inlet.  

Why Rapid Flex Hide-A-Hose is Prefered by Many Dealers 

Rapid Flex hoses

  • A greater 1⅜” diameter, resulting in stronger and better airflow of 25 to 30 percent." 

  • Greater cleaning capacity, which ensures that a smaller unit may be used in some Hide-A-Hose installations. 

  • Better versatility and smoother retraction, since the hose, is thinner, softer, and has a more rounded profile for each coil. 

  • Easier installation owing.

  • A new common and quite a popular color

Requirements While Installing a Hide-a-Hose 

  • Attachment Kit

  • Central Vacuum Unit

  • Hide-A-Hose assembly kit 

  • Radio Frequency Handle Package or Regular Handle or Gas Pump Non-RF Handle 

  • 30 feet hose, 40 feet Hose, 50 feet Hose, 60 feet Hose

Hide a Hose Limited Warranty

Hide-A-Hose Inc. warrants that genuine Fittings, Hose,  and Valve when used for domestic purposes, would be free from any defects in the quality of workmanship and materials for a term of five (5) years from the date of the original purchase by the customer. 

Hide-A-Hose Inc. also warrants that the RF Handle (not including battery) used for household uses, in compliance with the seller's orders, would be free from any defects in workmanship and materials for a term of one (1) year from the date of original purchase by the customer.

As used in a commercial application, Hide-A-Hose Inc. warrants that the items referred to above are protected from defects in materials and workmanship for a duration of ninety (90) days from the date of the original purchase by the customer. This warranty is limited to the repair of faulty parts and all delivery expenses shall be met by the customer.

At Think Vacuums, we prefer when the hose sock is not used on the Quick Flex hose because of the greater hose diameter. However, since the hose is smoother, thinner, and with each cord having a more rounded shape, the Rapid Flex hose is handier on the interior decoration than a normal hose making it a very useful product in the long run.

Think Vacuum stores have the modern blue 40' and 50' Rapid Flex hoses officially being shipped, and as soon as the existing stocks are drained, we will commence shipping the new blue 30' hoses. It’s worth noting that the Rapid Flex hose may lengthen over time when used. 

This extension is permanent and tries to prevent the retraction of the hose into the tube network. Hide-A-Hose is working on a permanent solution in order to correct this, but in the meantime, customer care at Think Vacuums have recommendations to our clients to curb this problem.

How to Fix New Installations

Just drop the end of the hose, cut the unnecessary length, and replace the end of the hose. 

The tube system should be planned to extend 10′ longer than the length of the hose. For example, if a Hide a hose Rapid Flex 50' hose is installed, you will need to use 60' dedicated tubing.

Typical Hide-A-Hose Installation Requirements

Hide a Hose system

During installation, an additional 20 percent of the pipe (up to 10 feet) beyond the length of the hose is now recommended by Hide-A-Hose to accommodate hose stretching. This will safeguard against the trunk line being obstructed by the hose or getting stuck in any conventional fittings. 

You could add 10 more feet of pipe than the intended hose length for new buildings. For home improvement plans from conventional hoses to Rapid Flex Hoses, please check how quickly the hose retracts, and try minimizing stretching or using a short hose if possible. 

An optional and equally effective item at Think Vacuum stores is the Hose to Handle Adaptor, which allows you to connect tools to the hose without a hose handle.

If you have any questions please call 1-800-322-2965 and one of our vacuum experts will be happy to assist you.

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