Hide a Hose Retractable Kit

central vac hide a hoseA retractable Hide a Hose retractable kit basically features a self-storing and automatically vanishing hose which stores in the tubing system of the central vacuum system. This kind of system has numerous advantages including reduced maintenance since there is no mechanical equipment to break down. 

When you open the tube and position your hand on the end of the tube, the strong suction of your central device retrieves the tube automatically. With a Hide-A-Hose vacuum, you will substitute up to 3 typical inlets with a hide-A-Hose system, limiting the number of outlets per floor. 

The Hide-A-Hose system can work with up to 50 feet hose units and as well as one valve which can even accommodate up to 2,300 square feet.

Solving the Problem of Hose Storage

Hide-A-Hose coupled with a central vacuum system incorporates a very high vacuum strength and comfort to produce the ideal combination without the need for cumbersome hoses to be packed or carried around your place of work or home.

With this improvement, you only pull the amount of shaft you need from the inlet valve and connect the hose handle equipped with attachment, so that you can quickly begin to vacuum. 

When the vacuuming is over, you only need to unplug the cleaning head from the tube and the suction from the central vacuum unit forces the tube back into the tube structure. 

One connection can cover up to 2,300 foot squared of vacuuming space and can store up to 50 feet of tubing

Since central vacuum systems are installed outside the living quarters, allergens, dust, and pet mites are not recirculated and thus householders benefit from healthier cleaner air. 

Central vacuum systems are four to five times as powerful as handheld vacuum cleaners. Hide-A-Hose has been used to vacuum the home more efficiently, modernly and easily, and is very common with new facilities in Europe and America. 

When purchasing a Hide-A-Hose vacuum at Think Vacuums, the kit will include a hose, cleaning apparatus, and all the accessories and fittings necessary to mount the hide a hose system. The package comes with a twelve-meter-long hose too. Also available are 10 meters and 15 meter extra hoses.

Hide a Hose Vacuum Installation

Hide a hose vacuum priceYou will need the following to install a hide a hose retractable system effectively;

  • A HAH duct installation apparatus- This involves a specially dedicated ductwork and the fitting system as well as a wall mounting box for the assembly of the retractable tube and an extra 10 meters of the duct installation package for attaching the central vacuum unit or next to the wall vapor. 

  • Hose package – This involves a retractable inlet valve for the hose, fittings, and white wall. Schlack kits can be found in 10, 12, or 15 m long shafts. 

  • Cleaning package – includes the shaft handle and parts for cleaning.

How to OperateHide a Hose Vacuum

1. Open the valve in the wall and remove the length of the hose that you deem enough to use for your vacuuming job. 

2. Slide the black tab to secure the hose 

3. Attach the handle of the hose and the instrument that you want to use. 

4. Press the switch on the valve to switch the system on.  

5. Slide the tab to the left to detach the hose, disconnect the hose handle, and cover the end of the hose with your hand and it will immediately retract back into its housing. 

Contents in a Hide a Hose Vacuum Kit

This comprises a wall mounting unit and specialized ducts and connectors for the construction of a retractable hose and an extra 10 meters of tubing and fixtures for attachment to the central vacuum or the next wall valve. Perhaps the only other fitting that you would like might be a sweep pan inlet for the kitchen or a utility inlet for the valve:

The kit contents will include HAH 22.5º F-F Long Elbow, HAH 45º F-F Long Elbow, HAH 90º F-F Long Elbow, HAH Mounting Frame for DryWall, Vac Electrical Wire in Conduit 25 M, Vac-Sweep Inlet - White, Vac-Sweep Hose Kit, Vac Exhaust Vent White, PVC Glue - 125ml, Vac Connector F-F Stop Coupling, Vac PVC Pipe Clip 51mm, Vac F-F Double Wye, Vac M/F 45º Elbow, Vac F-F 45º Elbow, Vac-Sweep T, Vac-Sweep Elbow and Vac PVC Pipe 1.5M

Cleaning Kits Comprise of the Following Accessories:

Hide a hose vacuum parts

  • Tool Bag

  • Duster Brush

  • Wall wand holder

  • Combination tool

  • Crevice tool

  • Aluminum telescopic type wand

  • Hard surfaces tool

  • Retractable hose handle

Benefits of Working With Think Vacuums 

  • We have a wide range of systems for commercial and domestic use

  • we have stocked 1000s of products in our warehouses

  • We have a large showroom with working systems on display

  • Our systems comply with the latest industrial regulations 

For further inquiries, contact us at Think Vacuums stores at 1-800-322-2965.

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