Where does the hose go?

Retraflex retractable vacuum hoseThe Central Vacuum  Hide-A-Hose System is powered by the motor unit, which is in most cases installed in the garage. The hose retracts back into the PVC piping system hidden within the attic, floor joists, and walls of your home without compressing or coiling. 

If there is access to an attic or crawl space, installing the Hide-A-Hose system in your already existing home is possible. Contact Think Vacuums and have our experts come to your home to assess installation options.

Retrofitting an Existing Central Vacuum System

The PVC tubing uses unique sweep 45’s and 90’s to store the Hide-A-Hose retractable system. The pipe runs are added to the crawl or attic space. It is then connected to your existing system. Our expert will evaluate the tools and power unit required for the retrofitting procedure.

The Hide-A-Hose system allows you to use a 30- 60 ft-long hose. The longer the hose, the fewer the number of inlets required, which in turn saves time. There are two most popular hose models. 

The SmartSoc hose is socked, while the RapidFlex hose’s design does not require a sock. These hoses are also the best according to customer reviews. There is no guarantee that other hose brands will work well with the Hide-A-Hose system. 

Hose socks can get dirty by gaining contact with dirty surfaces while vacuuming. A Hide-A-Hose system sock remains clean, unlike in the standard central vacuum. As the motor runs, the vacuum tubing airflow blows off most of the sock’s debris and dust.  

The hose is also washable because there is no wiring. Along with the sock, the hose is removed from the inlet, washed, and dried. After this procedure, the hose is ready to be retracted back into the inlet.

How to Turn the Power Unit on

Hide a hose installation There is a low voltage switch at every inlet used to turn the system on and off. You can also use the Hide-A-Hose system even as a wireless handle. It comes with an RF Ready Grip handle to enable you to turn your system on or off by pressing the switch without moving to the inlet. 

To get the motor running, use the remote control switch on the handle. This hose does not require electrical wires going through it for proper functionality. Without the numerous cables running through it, the hose is relatively light for easier cleaning.

Central Vacuum Systems use two types of brushes. These are Air Driven Power Brush and the Electric Power brush. For efficient cleaning of low and high pile carpeting, the CX1000 Cordless Powerhead kit is recommended. The kit is required because the Hide-A-Hose System cannot clean carpets efficiently since it does not have an electric hose.

Hide A Hose Installation

The new way of hiding the hose inside your wall is a great solution that saves space and keeps the house neat. You only have to open the inlet and pull the hose and clean the room. Release the hose lock once you are done, and the hose retracts back into the piping within the wall.

There is no need to create storage space for your hose as it stays intact within the piping inside the closed inlet. Even with the Hide A Hose system, the central vacuum’s suction power does not get interrupted.

The Hide A Hose system allows you to clean any room at any time of day, clearing any messes. There is a hose behind all inlets, making your central vacuum easily accessible. 

Cleaning is now easier and quicker because you do not have to carry the hose to the different inlets. The convenience of pulling out the hose for a short cleaning session and making retract back into the piping system makes using this system more fun. It also allows you to pull out the desired hose length and connect the attachments you need for the task at hand.

To lock the hose in place and prevent it from pulling back, pull the handle. When the cleaning is complete, push the handle to let go of the hose. 

Where Do I Get Replacement Parts?

While some vacuum repairs and service can be done without professional help, we recommend that you should always involve your dealer for installation, replacement parts, repair, and service. Get experts who give everything their best to ensure you are satisfied. Think Vacuums is the best central vacuums dealer.

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