Hide-A-Hose for Your Central Vacuum System

Beam turbo brushFor your Beam Central Vacuum System, the self-storing Hide-a-Hose System is another choice provided by Think Vacuum dealers. This solves the dilemma of trying to find a spot where to store the device's hose. Not all houses would have the necessary spaces for this installation but it can be improvised. If you are curious, ask your dealer about it.

Residential Buildings and Modern Homes

With the need for fewer inlet valves on each level, the installation for newer and established homes is streamlined. It saves time with fewer inlets and allows vacuuming easier.

Easy to Work With

Beam spare partsBasically, take out the volume of hose you want from the inlet pipe of the Hide-A-Hose, attach the cleaning brush or extension and start vacuuming. Hose lengths are accessible for lengths of 9, 12, 15, and 18 meters. Up to 213 square meters and can be filled by any inlet.

They're Simple to Store.

When done, withdraw the cleaning brush from the pipe and the nozzle is retracted into the wall through suction from the central vacuum control device.

How Can In-Wall Retractable Hose Systems be Installed?

Examples of vacuuming devices are retroflex, hide a hose, and chameleon. Thanks to these innovations, the vacuum hose in the central vacuum cleaner installation can be covered. This method of cleaning homes and commercial buildings is encouraged because of the improved in-wall retractable or fast accessible hose.

Our removable in-wall hoses are part of a central vacuum cleaning unit that allows easy operation and thanks to fast access to the unit and guarantees outstanding performance as well as neatness (the hose is placed in the socket and suction system).

The central vacuum retractable hose vacuum machine consists of a cleaning system and a hose which is up to 15 meters in length. Central vacuum cleaners are easy and efficient for vacuuming as opposed to conventional models. However, it is important to take note of the correct consistency of the device configuration during the design phase, since its consistency means that the hose sucks in the dirt with adequate power and maybe retracted effectively throughout the operation. Therefore, both the accurate installation of the suction and the use of correctly chosen components are necessary to ensure that the package provides vacuuming convenience.

Central Socket for Vacuum Hose

In certain situations, the construction of a single socket with a retractable hose on every floor of the building is appropriate. Larger systems that might need hoses longer than 12 meters is the only exception. Then, we consider adding extra outlets and utilizing shorter hoses that are more comfortable to improve the cleaning and the person's comfort.

Hide-A-Hose - Retractable Socket Hose for Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Vacuum hose sock Remember that in-wall retractable rapid access hose sockets need deep holes in the wall to be developed. It is then necessary to position them on the highest width of the wall or attach them with a hardboard (in the case of thin wall panels). It is also necessary to use a special net to cement it on the other side. It is already worth getting the final socket during the construction, which would allow it easy to carefully lay the tile and install the socket on it. If the implementation is carried out without a socket, there is a possibility that it may be impossible to correctly mount the socket during the final phase, particularly if it is somewhat unreliable. In other terms, an error at this point could result in the need for any of the installation work to be replicated.

Installation and Design of the Device - Less is Sufficient

Limit the number of nodes to only the appropriate ones before starting the process. In the location where the vacuum hose is covered in the installation, no more than three 90-degree nodes are supposed to be present. The ease and usability of using the hose would be enhanced by this. Do not really undermine this argument, there have been occasions where the machine was designed by unqualified installers in a manner that hindered usage. So let's say it one more time, in the position where the vacuum hose detaches in the pipe, there must be no more than three 90 degree nodes and there are no exemptions to this principle.

Tip: If you pay enough attention to the installation of the vacuum cleaner at the early stage of hydraulic work, it might also be possible to reduce the number of nodes to two. Note: in the section where the hose retracts, it is prohibited to apply conventional nodes or render branches. In addition, it is advised to expand the hose segment by 10 percent, you should apply conventional parts, sockets, and a shovel (e.g.: Vroom, Wally Flex / Literally Flex) after this section.

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