Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Cleaning Systems

Hide A Hose Basic Turbo Attachment Kit Hide a hose comes with the advantage of reducing the number of inlet valves used on each floor, thus simplifying installation for both new and existing homes. Having fewer inlets saves time and makes vacuuming easier. You have the ability and flexibility to make your house a better environment for you and your neighbors.

Smarter Installation/Smarter Technology

The Hide A Hose can move easily inside the tubing thanks to special tubing sweeps. Any 2" x 4" wall cavity can be used to mount inlets. The height of the floor determines hose lengths. Each inlet has a coverage area of up to 2300 square feet.

The tubing is all attached to a central power unit, usually located in the garage, basement, or machinery space. For a new building or retrofitting an existing house, installation is cheaper and quicker.

How Hide-A-Hose Eliminates the Need for Hefty  Vacuum Hoses

Think Vacuums is here for your help if you are tired of carrying and storing cumbersome central vacuum hoses. Simply remove the necessary length of hose from the inlet valve, attach your cleaning wand, and start vacuuming.

Detach the hose's vacuum wand when done, and the hose will retract into the smart tube system concealed behind the wall. 

Hide a Hose Reviews

A built-in Hide A Hose central vacuum cleaner is a valuable contribution to a cleaner household. The power machine is up to five times more strong than a regular vacuum cleaner. 

As a result, it collects more dust, soil, and allergens and extracts them from the living space. Modern vacuums will scatter pollutants and allergens in your household, recirculating them into the air. 

According to a recent clinical report, using a central vacuum will minimize allergy symptoms by 40 to 60 percent. Most green building systems recommend, and in some cases need central vacuums.

A Retractable Hide A Hose Central Vacuum System

Hide-A-Hose eliminates the need to move and store a central vacuum hose. Simply take out the required amount of hose and continue cleaning. When you're done, the central vacuum control unit's suction retracts the hose. The height of the floor determines hose lengths. 

Each inlet has a coverage area of up to 2300 square feet.

Installing in Homes with Central Vac

50-foot Hide-A-Hose valves are usually mounted in all rooms with hard floor surfaces. A new HAH valve is made up of a wall inlet, and a pipe runs to the cellar or basement, where it is connected to the existing pipe run. The original suction tank's capacity is normally sufficient to retract the central vacuum hose back into the pipe run.

Hide a Hose Retrofit

Basic Hide A Hose Cleaning AttachmentsHide-A-Hose will be roughed-in on all new housing developments. Unfortunately, since the current pipe network has too short elbow attachments, it is not feasible to convert the existing central vacuum valve to HAH. HAH, contacts are wider and sweeping, reducing pressure and allowing the hose to fit well as it pulls back.

A Hide-A-Hose Retractable Central Vacuum Hose System will do wonders for your daily vacuuming activity. When you use this efficient, common-sense cleaning remedy, you'll never have to struggle with another cord or hose ever. It can be built at any time and can be refitted into residences with a central vacuum system.

The electrical cable is the most common complaint with normal vacuuming, and the hose is the most common complaint with central vacuuming. When homeowners check out Hide-A-retractable Hose's central vacuum hose, it soon becomes a "must-have" device. There's no need to wrap the cord or store the hose, and there's no need not to get the job done right away because it's too easy.

Try and open the inlet flap, take out some length of hose, and vacuum back. When done, the suction itself retracts the hose through the vacuum pipes, eliminating the need for moving parts in the wall or device. Hide-A-Hose is accessible in lengths of 30, 40, 50, and 60 feet. One 50-foot Hide-A-Hose spans approximately 2,300 square feet, requiring fewer inlets than a conventional central vacuum installation that uses a 30-foot hose.

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System can be used in existing housing and existing homes with or without a central vac system. At Think Vacuums Stores, we use normal vacuum pipes and longer sweep elbows in the installation, which fits comfortably into 2 x 4 walls. For regular washing, Hide-A-Hose employs efficient RF controls and air-powered equipment.  Homes with wall-to-wall carpet can  have both Hide-A-Hose and standard vacuum inlets. Contact Think vacuums  for purchase and installation.

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