Hide A Hose Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Air Driven Power Brush be as Effective as an Electric Powerhead?

Hide-A-Hose Retractable Central Vacuum SystemWhen paired with the appropriate Power Unit, the Turbocat Air Driven Power Brush performs just like an Electric Power Head on the area rug and the low-pile carpet.

A Turbocat has a longer life span and faster brush speed, is lightweight, has an automated adjustable height capability, and can clean closer to margins than many electric powerheads. Furthermore, the Turbocat has a built-in Performance Indicator. If airflow inside the tubing or power unit is blocked, the Turbocat can slow down, signaling that the system is not performing optimally and needs to be tested.

Is it possible to Renovate an Established Central Vacuum System?

The conclusion is yes, but most of the plumbing used by your current machine will need to be replaced. This is because conventional central vacuum systems are plumbed with regular 90s and fixtures, which prohibit the hose from passing through the tubing. Since the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System packs the hose in the PVC tubing, specialized sweep 90s and 45s are needed to allow the hose to pass through the tubing.

Is Hide-A Hose for New Buildings, it Can be Retrofitted into My Existing Home?

The Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System can be an effective cleaning tool in most households as long as an attic or crawl room is accessible. Your local installer will need to come to your house to ensure that it is possible to install one.

How long are the Hoses?

A 30' hose is typical for a central vacuum system. Anything larger than that is just too large to handle and store. You can use a hose length of 30', 40', 50', or 60' can be used in the Hide-A-Hose Retractable Hose System. The advantage is that the amount of inlets needed is normally cut in half for a longer hose. Fewer inlets can save time, making vacuuming easier.

What Power Brushes are Compatible with the Hide-A-Hose System?

For Central Vacuum Systems, two kinds of control brushes are used; an electric power brush and an air (turbine) powered power brush. We prefer the CX1000 Cordless Powerhead Set for full pile carpeting as this Hide-A-Hose System may not require an electric hose.

Which is the Smarter Retractable Hose System?

Hide-a-Hose Parts for Your Central VacuumHide-A-Hose eliminates the need to hold and store a cumbersome central vacuum hose, making vacuuming quick and simple. Simply take out the necessary amount of hose, attach your accessories, and begin vacuuming. When you're done, the central vacuum control unit's suction retracts the hose.

Detach the cleaning wand from the hose when done, and the suction from the central vacuum control plant retracts the hose into the tube mechanism concealed behind the wall.

When not in operation, the vacuum hose is placed within the PVC tubing concealed in the walls or basement. The size of the floor determines hose lengths. Each inlet will cover up to 700 square feet with a 30-foot hose and 3000 square feet with a 60-foot hose. You just need to move your handle and equipment to the next inlet and repeat the procedure now that the hose is securely stored inside the walls. Each inlet has its hose storage.

Hide a Hose Installation 

The reduction in the number of inlet valves used on each floor simplifies installation for new and existing homes. Having fewer inlets saves time and makes vacuuming easier. Installation requirements differ depending on the product.

This system necessitates more space for the PVC piping. The PVC must be installed on a single plane, and that special long radius fittings be used.

The Hide a Hose completes the circuit outside from where the hose is stored using a traditional 2′′ PVC central vacuum pipe and regular fittings. Hide A Hose systems can be combined with normal central vacuum inlets and sweep inlets to match the system's requirements. The tubing is all attached to a central power unit, usually located in the garage, basement, or machinery space. For new buildings or retrofitting an existing house, installation is clear and simple.

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