Holiday Cleaning Tips - It's Time to Break out your Vacuum

The holidays are now over and it’s time to clean up the mess. You are probably wondering how to take care of all debris in a timely and efficient manner? The answer is simple. You need a powerful Electrolux vacuum cleaner to handle even the messiest post-holiday home or office. Electrolux is a seasoned and reputable company with decades of experience. In fact, they were established back in 1901 – and have been manufacturing top-of-the-line vacuums for well over a century. The first Electrolux vacuum cleaner was created in 1912 – and since then – this multi-national company has been a proven leader in preferred products for all home and business owners.

Why Choose Electrolux for Holiday Cleaning?

Electrolux vacuums have continuously received top customer ratings and industry reviews over the years. They are known for producing high-quality units at cost-affordable prices. Electrolux also carries a fine of the following:
  • Replacement parts and accessories.
  • Replacement power units for all Electrolux brands.
  • Attachment kits – Tools – Electric Powerheads.
  • Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads.
  • Hoses – Wands – Bags – Filters
  • Complete Vacuum Cleaning Systems and Packages.
As the hallmark of the vacuum cleaning industry, Electrolux central vacuums are perfect for complete cleaning of homes and businesses. With the holidays now over, these units can easily pick up debris, dirt, dust, and debris left behind by your celebrations. In fact, they work great on carpets – rugs – sectionals – and even upholstery. They work equally as well – and efficient – on all types of hardwood flooring. With Electrolux central vacuum cleaning systems, you will never receive poor quality services due to the lower rates. In fact, Electrolux is a beacon of excellence in the vacuum industry, and truly a company that sells high-quality units – that perform impeccably – at reasonable prices. 
Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner

Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems

Electrolux central vacuum units truly reflect the company’s philosophy. That is, of course, to offer the best vacuum cleaners at competitive prices – but without sacrificing quality or efficiency. Electrolux vacuum cleaners can be used in both new and existing homes – along with businesses. All you need is an inlet on every floor to easily install the appliance and PVC pipe – resulting in a formidable connection between the hose and power unit. Why lug around conventional or traditional cleaners that may noisy and no longer perform at peak rates?
In fact, you can mount your unit in the garage or other isolated areas. This gives you more room to work with – and all you have to do is plug in the hose to secure maximum cleaning across your home or commercial property. While the holidays are a great way to spend quality time with loved ones and friends, the mess – left behind by food particles and confetti – can be a nuisance to clean manually. With this in mind, here are some Electrolux central vacuum brands to keep in mind for fast – effective –and timely cleaning:
  • Electrolux SC380B
  • Electrolux PU3900C
  • Electrolux PU3650
  • Electrolux Complete Packages

Why Choose Central Vacuums?

Electrolux central vacuums rank among the most powerful units on the market. For easy holiday cleaning, these units simply require inlets to plug and perform. This is far better than traditional vacuums, which are bulkier – noisier – and may not even be performing to date. Central vacuums by Electrolux are also more efficient – and designed to clean at higher levels. This includes deep-shag carpeting, along with hardwood flooring and more. Electrolux units also have powerful attachments that correlate with vacuum systems. This includes powerheads which work exceptionally well on carpets. You can also attach dusting tools and brushes for fast and convenient cleaning of hardwood floors and crevices.

Tips on Post-Holiday Cleaning

With your new or existing Electrolux unit, you are guaranteed the best – and most thorough – cleaning each and every time. Here are some essential tips for ensuring timely and lasting cleaning for the home or office:
  • Use convenient crevice tools for cleaning up the debris lodged within your flooring tiles.
  • Use dusting tools and brushes to easily remove dirt, dust, grime and hidden particles.
  • Start at the top floor and work your way down – it just seems more convenient and easier this way.
  • Make sure nothing is obstructing your wall inlets – you want powerful cleaning at one time so this is important.
  • Use the attachments for cleaning any upholstered items, curtains, rugs, or sectionals.
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