How Do Beam Central Vacuums Work?

If you want an easier way to clean your home, then investing in a central vacuum system is probably one option that you’ve considered. Although not yet commonplace in every home, central systems have been growing in popularity in recent years. Investing in Beam central vacuums could give you several advantages ranging from versatility to convenience, and having a system installed is much easier than most people think.

Whether you need an installation in a home that is still being built, or if you want to retrofit a system to your existing home, knowing how Beam central vacuums work and the advantages that they can provide is the most important first step.

The Details of Beam Central Vacuums

Beam Alliance Central Vacuum Central vacuums work exactly as the name implies. All the power of the system comes from a central unit. This is usually placed in an easily accessible but out of the way area of the home, such as a garage, basement, or storage closet/room. The central unit is connected to inlets all around the home with a system of pipes that carry dirt and debris back to the main unit. When you want to use the vacuum, you simply plug a hose connector into one of the inlets. Typically, an inlet can cover 600 square inches of your home, but this depends on the system and the type of accessories that are used.

Most systems are activated from the wand itself, so there’s no need to turn on the power at the main unit of Beam central vacuums. This makes the system highly convenient.

Like all vacuum systems, central units still use bags and canisters. However, unlike most systems, the bag or dust collection canister will only need to be emptied once every two to three months. The exact schedule will depend on how often you vacuum and the size of your central unit.

Because central vacuums use pipes that are installed in the walls, professional installation is recommended in most cases. Although these vacuums can be installed as part of a DIY project, you will need to be sure that you have the right experience and all the right tools to get the job done. Improperly installing the system could lead to a higher chance of blockages, or a loss of suction power.

Beam central vacuums and most high-quality vacuums use cloth filters to ensure that dust is collected and not ejected back into the atmosphere. Like vacuum bags and canisters, these filters need to be replaced regularly to ensure maximum efficiency of a central vacuum cleaner.

A central vacuum makes things much more convenient when you are cleaning. You won’t have to drag a heavy vacuum around with you, and you will have a larger power unit that provides better suction. Central systems typically have more dust storage than a regular vacuum, and because everything is housed in a single unit, you won’t worry about releasing particles back into the air in your home.

Convenience is the most obvious advantage, but versatility is another one that shouldn’t be ignored. With Beam tools and accessories, you can have the perfect vacuum for any job. Attachment kits include different heads, hoses, and wands so that you can clean everything from furniture to car upholstery. You can clean mattresses, hardwood flooring, tiles, and almost any surface in your home. With a powerhead attachment, you can get deep cleaning when you need it.

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Whether you are performing your regular vacuuming, or if you need something heavier for spring cleaning, the convenience, power, and versatility of Beam central vacuums will not disappoint you.

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