The Hide A Hose Story

Central Vac w/ hide-a-hoseWith its incredible retractable hose mechanism, Hide A Hose is the very first central vacuum model of its kind. Hide A Hose is a reworking central vacuum cleaner. Gary and Rod Drivstuen, dad-son, came up with the concept. Gary Drivstuen was out doing his regular errands, but a drive to the bank drive-thru triggered a question and answer session. 

Gary Drivstuen and his son Rod ran a chain of retail stores and car washes at the point. While waiting in the drive-thru, he watched a typical bank depositing mechanism. He went into the house that day and stumbled over the hose from his central vacuum system. 

He then discovered how much he and his wife disliked picking up and carrying around a bulky central vacuum hose to each room inlet. He recalled what he saw at the bank's drive-thru that day and wondered, "Is it practical to use the suction from the central vacuum pump to drag the hose back like the bucket at the bank?" Gary realized he was on to something special.

Central Vacuums and the Advantages of Hide a Hose

Millions of households in the United States have central vacuum technologies. Since these units are placed away from residential areas, cleaner air is produced, and these machines do not recirculate pollen, bacteria, and dust mites back into a house. Central vacuum units are more valuable than conventional vacuum cleaners on the market currently because they are quieter. 

And with all of the advantages of central vacuum systems, most people dislike the hassle of lugging a big, cumbersome hose from inlet to inlet. This was the inspiration Drivstuen wanted to transform his concept into a viable product, which is now the Hide A Hose Retractable Hose Central Vacuum System.

The Hide A Hose Anomaly

Hide A Hose Systems eliminates the need to haul around a large hose and store it when not in operation. You conveniently store the hose within the wall with a Hide A Hose unit. Inside the central vacuum tubing, each inlet in a house will have its own hose. Hide A Hose makes using a central vacuum system much more convenient when you're going to clean. 

Pull the hose out to the appropriate length (up to 50'), install a cleaning unit, and start cleaning. When you're done vacuuming, the suction from the central vacuum unit pulls the hose back into the wall inlet, where it's out of reach. Since the Hide A Hose system avoids the need to bring a hose from inlet to inlet, it's easy to use a lengthy hose. This minimizes the number of inlets needed in a home.

To distribute the retractable Hide A Hose Systems, Hide a Hose Inc. has strategic relationships with MD Manufacturing, Lindsay Manufacturing, Tip Top Parts, and H-P Products. Homeowners are so impressed with the comfort of Hide A Hose Systems that they are compelled to install them in their houses without a second thought.

Hide-A-Hose (Retracting Hose) for Central Vacuum System

hide a hose reviewAnother solution for your Beam Central Vacuum System that our dealers have is the self-storing Hide-a-Hose System. It eliminates the need to locate a location to store the Systems Hose. Not all homes will have appropriate spaces for this installation; if you are involved, inquire from the Think Vacuum stores.

We thought that if you could hide the cleaner, why not hide the hose too? The Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system eliminates the need to carry a central vacuum hose around. Essentially take out the required amount of hose and continue cleaning. When you're finished, the suction pulls the hose back into the wall for you.

It is easy to store and use

Isolate the cleaning wand from the hose when done, and the suction from the central vacuum control unit pulls back the hose into the wall.Remove the necessary length of hose from the Hide-A-Hose inlet valve, attach any cleaning wand you like, and begin your cleaning. 

For both new and pre-existing dwellings.

The requirement for fewer inlet valves on each floor simplifies installation for both new and existing residences. Having fewer inlets saves time and makes vacuuming easier.

Due to certain building projects' complexity, Think Vacuums would need to analyze each home individually to determine if implementing the Hide-A-Hose System is feasible. The ducting that stores the retractable hose must be on a single plane' inside the structure. Any assets would lack the required spaces for the implementation of this System.

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