How Often Should you Have your Vacuum Serviced?

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Your vacuum performs important functions that ensure a clean environment for your family in your home and helps to maintain the air quality of the home. Purchasing a quality household vacuum cleaner ensures that you can expect many years of effective use from your machine. Even the best quality household vacuums require proper maintenance to ensure that they will last a long time and perform at their peak performance capabilities. Keeping your appliance maintained, no matter the type, brand, or model, is the lifeblood of your vacuum cleaner or system. All these types of vacuums require regular upkeep and occasional parts replacement:

Uprights, Canisters, Sticks, Central Vacs, Backpacks, and Handheld models 

Think Vacuums is your top retailer for a quality offering of the best household vacuum cleaner parts and repair for your investment. We have a complete selection of maintenance accessories and parts for your machine. Our representatives are well trained to help you match the correct part of your specific model to ensure your vacuum maintains its optimal performance.

How to Keep Your Vacuum Running At Top Performance

By following some essential steps, you can keep your vacuum running its best with regular checks, cleaning, and maintenance.

Empty the Dirt Container Often – A full or overly full dirt container can reduce your vacuum’s suction power or damage the motor. The excess dirt overflows into the air passages and makes a mess. To experience maximum suction power, empty the bag or collection container when it is about two-thirds full.

Clean and Replace Filters As Needed – Filters keep your home’s air clean and hygienic as well as helping the vacuum do its best job of cleaning. Like dirtbags and containers, dirty filters block the airflow and impede your vacuum’s suction power. Clean any washable filter with warm water and a mild detergent, followed by air drying. Clean non-washable filters by tapping them gently to remove dirt or replace them.

Check Hoses, Wands, Nozzles, and Tools for Clogs – These vacuum parts can become lined with dirt and debris after weeks of use. It’s best to inspect these parts for clogs and blockages before each vacuuming session. Use a broomstick handle to push and clogs out of the air passages. Replace and of these items when they become unusable.

Keep the Roller Brush Clean

Keep the Brush Roller Clean – Brush rollers do a great job of pulling out dirt and debris from carpet fibers. Watch out for hair, pet dander, string, tape, or other items lying on the floor that can stick to and clog the roller. You must remove them as soon as possible with scissors or you can damage your cleaning machine.

Learn to Lubricate Your Vacuum’s Parts – Check your owner’s manual for parts you should lubricate and for the type of oil or spray to use. Proper lubricating helps with the maneuverability and functioning of any vacuum cleaners. Examples include wheels, brush rollers, and axels of swiveling handles. This procedure helps to ensure smooth operation and better control of your vacuum, whether an upright or canister model.

Examine Your Vacuum for Wear – At least once a month, check your vacuum for wear and possible damage. Look for cracks, damaged parts, any malfunctions, or uneven movements. Check the condition of the belt for stretching or wear and replace it when necessary. Once you detect a problem, consult your owner’s manual or talk to one of our vacuum consultants for repair ideas or replacement of parts. TIP: Never use your vacuum with damaged parts or you may cause hazards or personal injuries. WikiHow provides some additional ideas on keeping your vacuum maintained.

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From vacuums, hoses, and wands, to attachments and accessories, we have all the necessary parts to complete your household vacuum cleaner maintenance and repair. Our replacement parts, such as wands and hoses come in a variety of lengths and are available in electric and non-electric to increase the efficiency of your vacuums operating capacity. We also offer options such as powerheads and floor brushes and protective bumpers to adequately protect your furniture, baseboards, bookcases, and other cleaning spaces. Our small attachments are perfect for cleaning options like upholstery, automobiles, blinds, fans, stairs, and more. We literally have everything you need to meet the varying demands of your cleaning needs.

“By following some essential steps, you can keep your vacuum running its best with regular checks, cleaning, and maintenance. It doesn’t take long to accomplish these steps and you should make it a practice each time you vacuum or at least weekly.”

Our representatives are well trained to help you match the correct part of your specific model to ensure your vacuum will maintain its optimal performance.

Bags, Filters, and Maintenance

Replacement bags and filters are key components in maintaining your vacuum’s efficiency and ensuring you get the maximum lifespan out of your machine. We stock a variety of brands so you can order the right ones when you need them. Our customer service representatives are well qualified to help you locate the specific part you need for your machine for a perfect fit. If you do not replace your bags as needed, you risk affecting your machine’s overall performance level. If your filter is not replaced and/or cleaned frequently your machine is more likely to experience blockages that will result in poor performance and possible motor or parts damage. As an additional maintenance process, you should frequently clean your rolling brush of any built-up hair or string to ensure it is oscillating properly. The oscillation process is important for drawing debris up from carpeting. Our specialists offer a complete vacuum cleaner guide for your convenience.

Brand Selection and Maintenance Frequency

Shop with a dealer that has a large selection of brands and models to meet your needs. This selection includes:

  • Vacuums
  • Tools
  • Attachments
  • Accessories
  • Parts
  • Repair service

Whether you need household bagless vacuum parts and repair or backpack vacuum parts and repair, we have the best quality products on the market suitable for all household brands. Our repair practices and parts locating techniques are consistent with the latest advances to ensure a successful job. You will also find parts and accessories for commercial vacuums.
When determining vacuuming maintenance frequency, consider how often you use your household vacuum,   heavy the traffic is in your home, and the inhabitants. In high traffic homes with children and pets, your filters and bags need to be maintained more frequently because of the excessive buildup they encounter.
Check the bags, filters, and roller brush before each vacuuming session. Remember: Don’t let the bag or canister become more than two-thirds full, and empty it when it reaches that point. Keeping your vacuum(s) in good operating condition will produce better cleaning results and prolong its life. If you plan to repair your own vacuum, check out these great tips and save money.

Think Vacuum’s Customer Promise

Our Customer Promise We extend our company’s promise of hassle-free returns, 30-day guarantees, excellent customer service, and fabulous prices to your every purchase. Think Vacuums has a large and beautiful showroom equipped with everything you need to maintain your household vacuum cleaner.
Our customer service representatives are well trained in handling all your needs in locating the exact repair part for your residential or commercial machine. We help you keep your investment running at its peak performance level with the best parts and service. Be sure to check our customer reviews and testimonials. Warranties All of our machines carry the standard factory guarantees and warranties. If you cannot find an authorized dealer of that particular brand to repair your machine that is under warranty, you may send the product back to and we will repair it for you. We do not warranty user damage. The shipment back to must be paid by the purchaser. Keep all receipts for warranty purposes. If you have returned merchandise that has been deemed as non-repairable, you may request to have that merchandise returned to you at your expense.
Important Note: offers free technical support via phone and email to our customers. If you hire an installer or handyman, is not responsible for any labor charges you incur during installation or troubleshooting any products purchased through our company. We are more than happy to provide assistance to our customers or your installer, but we are not liable for reimbursement for any labor charges. We honor all warranties given by the manufacturers and through Defective merchandise will be repaired or replaced, but cannot pay for any in-home repairs to your product or products. Check out these featured vacuums and products at special prices you can’t afford to pass up.

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