How to Choose Powerhead for your Central Vacuum

How to Choose a Powerhead for AirVac Central Vacuums

Powerheads are available for AirVac central vacuums although the company has stopped making central vacuums. A wide range of compatible powerheads, tools, attachments, accessories, and parts are available through our website and showroom. This includes filters, bags, inlets, hoses, wands, and much more for your existing system. As always, we are here to help you find the best accessories and replacement parts for your unit. Let’s look at air-driven and electric powerheads to make your central vacuum system more effective...

About AirVac Vacuums

The AirVac Company quickly became a leader in the vacuum industry from the start. They were also the go-to company when it came to innovative central vacuum parts and systems. Sadly, the company ceased operations in 2015 and is no longer in the vacuum cleaning industry.
AirVac was always on the pulse of new technologies and advancements in vacuum cleaning. This enabled them to create some of the most powerful – and affordable – vacuum systems in the industry. Whether for residential or commercial uses, thousands of them are still in use because they are durable. Here are some of the top models that are still in use across the world today and yours will probably be in the list: Turbo Cat Pro Powerhead

  • AirVac AVP3000
  • AirVac AVP7500
  • AirVac AVP12000
  • AirVac AVP24000
  • AirVac AVR3000 Bagless
  • AirVac AVR7500 Bagless
  • AirVac AVR12000 Bagless
  • AirVac AVR24000 Bagless

If your model is not included in the list above, contact our customer service department for assistance in finding the right powerhead or parts.

Powerhead Option 1: Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads

Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads, also called air-driven carpet nozzles, attach to the wand or hose and operate without electricity. They harness the suction power of your AirVac’s powerful motor to provide a deep clean without using a motorized brush. They are easy to use and maneuver across floors because of their light weight and ergonomic design. New models have technology that makes them quieter and more powerful than before.
The power of these powerheads depends on the strength of your vacuum’s motor. The stronger the motor, the more power it has to such up dust, dirt, and debris. This type is great for cleaning medium pile carpeting, area rugs, and throw rugs. You can control the power to the head motor from a switch on the handle.

Powerhead Option 2: Electric Powerheads

SEBO Pro ET-1 Electric Powerhead An electric powerhead for your AirVac built-in vacuum is the single most important accessory to produces powerful performance from your system. We highly recommend the high-quality SEBO Pro ET-1 or SEBO Pro ET-2 powerheads because they are the best in the industry. They are considered the “Ferrari” of central vacuum powerheads and rank highest in performance, deep cleaning, ease of use, and the fewest repairs. Both of these work on low, medium, or deep pile carpets and can easily change to bare floors by flipping the switch. You don’t have to sacrifice quality for price with either of these electric powerheads. You can also select one of these cost-effective models:

  • Deluxe Comet
  • Premium Champion
  • Wessel-Werk

Electric powerheads have their own motors and some models allow you to control the power from a handle switch. The hoses with handles also allow you to switch the agitator on and off for straight suctioning on hardwood floors. This type is preferable for office buildings that get a lot of foot traffic and homes with children and pets. Check out this best powerhead guide to assist with ordering yours.

“A wide range of compatible powerheads, tools, attachments, accessories, and parts are available through our website and showroom. This includes filters, bags, inlets, hoses, wands, and much more for your existing system.”

AirVac Vacuum Cleaner Series

You probably have an AirVac central vacuum that falls under one of the following series. Use this as a starting point for identifying your models so you can order powerheads, tools, attachments, accessories, or parts.


High-quality Bags Are Essential The platinum series is one of the best AirVac central vacuum systems in the world. In fact, this series continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews. As a disposable bag central vacuum unit, it features a modular design with streamlined and centralized functions. This means it’s easy to install, handle and, guaranteed to meet all your daily – weekly – monthly home or office cleaning needs. Is this your model?


The AirVac Bagless series features intake and exhaust ports on either side. The modular design is perfect for easy installation and handling. Check to see if this is your type of vacuum.


All AirVac central vacuum units are equipped with built-in fabric filters. These are located in the power units and designed to help enhance filtration.


All AirVac central vacuum units also feature debris buckets. These are located right at the bottom of the power units - and can hold a maximum of 6-gallons of debris, waste and dust particles. They can easily be detached from the unit by opening up the two latches on either side. Empty yours as often as necessary and clean it out to keep it working at peak performance.


AirVac cleaners are user-friendly and incredibly easy to handle. They are also known for their efficiency, versatility, and produce less noise than other vacuum cleaning units. These cleaners keep your home and/or business clean and fresh throughout the year. This means better air for loved ones and co-workers with respiratory problems and issues. Adding an Air-Driven Turbo or Electric powerhead will provide more efficient and effective cleaning you will appreciate.

Why You Should Order Your Powerhead from Us

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