How to Compare SEBO Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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Choosing a SEBO upright vacuum cleaner from their extensive line of high-quality cleaning machines is not always an easy task. Each model has specific features and options that set it apart from the others. However, the best way to find the vacuum you need is to think about your home or business cleaning needs and match the appropriate upright model to them. Spend a little time researching before making your purchase, and you will be happy with the results. Keep reading to discover some practical ways to compare different models.

Understanding Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuums are the most common type of vacuum because they clean carpets well and only require a compact storage space. They are also popular for these reasons:

  • Powerfully remove dirt, dust, and pet hair
  • Come with on-board cleaning tools and attachments
  • Available in bagged or bagless models
  • Bagged models are hygienic for allergy, and asthma suffers
  • Available with single motor or dual motor
  • Typically cost less than canister vacuums
  • Have wider cleaning paths than canister models

When you want to stick with a traditional vacuum cleaner that does a good all-around job, go with an upright SEBO model. You will find them comfortable and easy to use for virtually all cleaning solutions at home. While uprights do have a few cons that include being heavier than canisters, a bit noisier, and more challenging to lift up and down stairs, users find that they can often mitigate these negative elements easily. For example, add an extended hose and vacuuming stairs becomes a snap!

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners to Meet Your Needs

A Vacuum for all Your Cleaning Needs

There are different ways to compare upright vacuum cleaners made by SEBO. One way is to differentiate between single motor and dual motor models. A single motor vacuum operates at only one speed and provides average suction power. A dual motor model has two motors that are controlled by a convenient switch so you can change from cleaning carpets to cleaning bare floors, like tile, fast, and efficiently. A dual motor machine’s benefit over a single motor vacuum is the ability to shift to a more powerful suction mode. Other ways to compare upright vacuums include:

  • Vacuums for allergy suffers
  • Models especially for pet owners
  • Bagged vs. Bagless vacuums
  • Models for different floor types
  • Types of filters and their filtration levels
  • Traditional vs. Stick vacuums
  • Powerheads vs. non-powerheads
  • Price levels: low-end, mid-priced, highest priced

Use the above list to help narrow the choices of upright vacuums for your individual requirements. If you still have questions about vacuums and their differences, send us an online inquiry or talk to one of our experts, toll-free at 1.877.893.3679.

Choose from 11 Models in Our Online Store has 11 SEBO upright vacuum cleaner models from which to choose. Each one is German engineered with the highest quality materials and components. Prices range from $499.00 for the Dart to $1,049 for the Automatic X4 Series.

SEBO 9855AM Dart Upright Vacuum

SEBO 9855AM Dart Upright Vacuum

This lightweight cleaning marvel is the newest to the SEBO line and provides professional performance in a versatile upright model. You will enjoy its maneuverability, user-friendliness, and affordable cost. The Dart features an ET-1 power nozzle for aggressive carpet and hard floor cleaning. This L-shaped nozzle is “the best in the industry” for easy edge cleaning and bringing your carpets back to life. The Dart is full of features you will like, including:

  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off If Brush Is Jammed
  • Four-Level Height Adjustment
  • Brush Roller On/Off Switch
  • 3-Layer S-Class Filtration
  • 31-ft. Power Cord For Greater Cleaning Radius
  • Flex Neck For Easy Maneuverability
  • On-Board Tools Include a Crevice and Upholstery Tool
  • Warning Light Which Alerts the User When the Brush is Too High or When the Brush Roller Needs to Be Replaced

SEBO 90506AM Automatic X4 Boost White Upright

Sanitaire EXTEND SC3700

This technically advanced upright vacuum offers more intensive cleaning than other comparable brands. Its electronic control automatically adjusts the height for different floor surfaces – up or down! This feature ensures optimal cleaning for carpets, wood, tile, and laminate floors. Additionally, the “Boost” button lets the user control the speed of the brush roller for maximum performance. The Automatic X4 Boost meets the cleaning needs of any size home by offering these benefits:

  • Excellent For Pet Hair & Dander
  • Superior Hospital Grade Filtration
  • Bag Full Indicator Light
  • Automatic Safety Shutoff Motor Protection
  • Extra Long 40 Ft Power Cord
  • Brush Roller Replacement Indicator
  • Boost Button For Higher Brush Speed
  • On-Board Cleaning Attachments

Besides these two incredible models, SEBO has nine other models and canister options that are available for your examination and use. Order yours from with confidence because we offer the best prices, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a hassle-free return policy. Don’t forget – we also carry complete lines of filters, bags, tools, attachments, accessories, and parts for any SEBO upright vacuum cleaner.

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