How to Eliminate Pet Odor from Your Vacuum Cleaner

How to Eliminate Pet Odor from Your Vacuum Cleaner

foul smelling Vacuum Cleaner? Pet owners can have a problematic relationship with their vacuums at times. They do an excellent job of sucking up animal hair, making it sometimes hard to tell that you even have a pet in your home. However, with all that highly eventful cleaning, they can tend to smell a little pungent.

Tips to help you reduce vacuum cleaner odors

1. Check Your Filters

Some models of vacuums contain filters that get a bit caked with dust and debris that they’re efficiently filtering out. Check your owner's manual to read on the location and best procedure for cleaning or replacing them.

2. Clean out the Dustbin

If you have a bagless vacuum model, the dustbin can still be covered with a thin layer of dust even after you clean it. This can also produce pungent pet odors, just when you thought you’d gotten rid of the smelly evidence.

Use a towel wet with soapy water to wipe down the dustbin's interior and eliminate that layer of caked dust every time you empty the canister. Be sure that it totally dries prior to you reattaching it to your vacuum.

3. Monitor the Rotating Brush

In a home with pet hair, it’s possible to get a blockage in the rotating power joints, or hair wrapped around the revolving brush that’s moving along the floor. These can lead to the pet smell, and also affect how well your vacuum is running.

It’s a good idea to flip your vacuum often over and do a confirm for anything that is preventing the brush from spinning regularly or obstructing the airflow and diminishing suction. Use scissors to eliminate anything wand around the brush, and look for any stuck wads of hair. While you’re there, it’s also a good idea to wipe down the unit with a bit of soapy water to eliminate any layers of dust that are building up.

Bonus: This sort of maintenance makes your machine durable and more efficient. change out dust bags

4. Swap the Bag

Changing out your vacuum cleaner bags often is one of the most comfortable and most productive ways of controlling pet odors emanating from your vacuum. They do an excellent job of catching all the hair and similar smells, but they need to be changed out before they fill up.

Frequent changes keep your suction firm and don’t let any bad odors build up in your vacuum. It’s easy to maintain a package of several new bags on hand for quick, easy swaps. If you notice any dust accumulation inside the area that holds the container, wipe it down to finish any source of new odors.

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