How to Keep Your Vacuum Functional Forever

A vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool that every modern home should have. If you want to ensure that your home is fresh, clean, and protected from insects and allergens, then regular cleaning with the best vacuum cleaner is the right way to do things. You will protect your family from bed bugs, insects and pet hair, and you’ll reduce dangerous allergens that can lead to illness and respiratory disturbances.

Of course, to get all the benefits, you will need to know how to keep your vacuum cleaner functioning at its best. These are the top maintenance tips to help you keep your vacuum in optimal condition.

Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Replace Vacuum Cleaner Bags Regularly

If you are using a vacuum that uses a bag system then you will need to replace this regularly, sometimes as often as every use, depending on how much you clean. You will know when your vacuum bag is becoming full because there will be less suction power from the vacuum. This can cause the motor to overwork, which can lead to future failures.

If you are using a bagless vacuum system, then you’ll simply need to empty out the dust collector when it is filled. This is usually indicated by a marker on the collection system. If you want to be completely safe, emptying the collector after every use is advised.

Remember that you should always dispose of bags or dust in a garbage bag that will be tied and placed outside for collection, especially if you are cleaning upholstery or mattresses that are contaminated by bed bugs or other insects.

Clean the Brush Roll if You Have One

Vacuum Brush Roller If you are using a vacuum head that uses a brush roll, then this will need to be inspected and cleaned regularly. Hair and other debris can collect and wrap around the brush roll, leading to damage that could require a replacement head. When there is too much debris on the brush roll, it won’t clean as well as it should.

Most vacuum cleaners have removable brush rolls connected to a plate, with the roll easily sliding out. Consult your documentation to find the proper (and safest) way to remove the brush roll for cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner Filter

Check All Filters and Hoses Regularly

Debris that is stuck in a filter or hose can cause your vacuum to lose suction power and overwork the motor. Small toys and even clothing garments can get stuck in today’s powerful vacuums. You can try to visually inspect a hose to find things that are causing blockage, or, you could use a long wire hook to fish out or push any debris through. When the hose is kept clean of obstruction, your vacuum will work its best and further damage will be prevented.

With filters, these should be checked and cleaned regularly (or replaced if your vacuum uses disposable filters). Clean filters don’t just help your vacuum to run properly, they will also improve the quality of the air in your home. An inefficient filter can let fine dust particles back into the air, which is something that you don’t want when the aim is to keep a clean and healthy environment in your home.

What About When Things Break Down?

Vacuum Cleaner Belts Even with all the correct maintenance, the best vacuum cleaner parts can fail over time. This is why it’s so critical to invest in a quality vacuum system that has readily-available replacement parts from a trusted supplier.

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