Three Essential Parts for Vacuum Repair

Proper vacuum maintenance significantly reduces the need for repair

Make Vacuuming More Efficient with Correct

Your vacuum is often one of the most quality investments in helping you to promote cleanliness and a healthy living environment in your home. When your vacuum is running properly, you can its maximum cleaning benefits. The more you use your vacuum, the more often you will need to consider the essential parts for maintenance. For the best household vacuum cleaner parts and repair, Think Vacuums is the number one supplier that is fully equipped to meet your needs.

Six key components tend to accumulate wear and tear on a routine basis and need to be maintained to keep your household or business vacuum running smoothly. Belts and hoses are essential for keeping your vacuum running smoothly and for effective cleaning. The vacuum bag, or if it does not have one, the debris container, must also be properly maintained. Another typical item to replace is the vacuum filter to promote a healthy air environment in your home.

By properly maintaining and repairing your vacuum cleaner, you can extend its life a few more years. The following ideas apply to these types of vacuums:

Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for peak cleaning efficiency and ease of use.

Use Quality Vacuum Belts and Hoses

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Use High-quality Belts

Household vacuums need belts and hoses, and without these parts in working order, they would not function. If there is a puncture in your vacuum hose, it will lose suction and become unable to pull debris into the machine. If your vacuum belt becomes broken the beater bar in the vacuum will stop running altogether. This will leave dirt, hair, and debris embedded in your carpets and rugs. We cover a wide variety of repair parts for your machine for the maintenance and repair and maintenance that it needs.

Check the Vacuum Bag or Debris Canister

When a loss of suction is detected in a vacuum, it is often a full or damaged bag. The first step is to make sure the bag is not full or the bag does not have a hole or tear in it. If you notice any dust or debris on the outside of the bag, it is safe to say you have a hole in your vacuum bag and need a quality replacement bags. For a bagless model vacuum, the first step is to simply empty the container. If this does not solve the problem, the container seals could be cracked or not making correct contact because they are worn or dried out.. We offer a wide variety of replacement parts to help with this common problem.

Although it is not a common issue, dust and dirt collection canisters can become cracked or damaged through carelessness or improper use. If this occurs, order a new one to prevent loss of suction or damage to your vacuum. The model number and brand of your appliance is found on its label so you know what to order. If you are still in doubt, contact us for the correct replacement part.

“Our qualified staff understands the needs of your vacuum machine. We can help you assess the problem at hand that is causing your vacuum to run rough.”

Vacuum Filters Must Be Clean

Keeping a vacuum cleaner’s filter belt clean

Keep Your Filters Clean

A common household vacuum mishap is a vacuum that has a dirty or faulty filter. If your filter looks dirty upon inspecting it, shake and clean n plain water until the filter runs clear. Letting the filter completely dry before placing it back into the machine is very important for protecting the life of your vacuum. A wet filter can cause water to get into the vacuum motor.

If your vacuum does not use washable filters, it’s smart to keep several replacement ones on hand and change them as needed. Take the time to inspect the filter and bag before each vacuuming session and learn to vacuum slowly to get a deep clean. TIP: Use only high-quality bags, filters, and belts for the best cleaning results and fewer maintenance headaches.

Clean the Brush Roller Before Each Use

how to fix a vacuum brush roller

Clean the Roller Brush Before Use

Check the brush roller before each use because it can accumulate a lot of undesirable debris from any floor surface. Certain items get wrapped around it that can reduce its efficiency or prevent it from spinning to do its cleaning job. Common items that get entangled in them include:

  • String
  • Hair
  • Thread
  • Paper

In general, the roller can be unclogged while left in place in the vacuum. Or, if it’s easier, remove the roller brush to clean it. Start with a pair of long snout scissors and cut the longer pieces and then pull them out by hand or with a pair of tweezers.

The typical roller is attached by a plate that must be lifted or removed to slide out the roller. Once removed, unclog it and wash it with soap and water every six months. While you have this part out, check the bearings and other parts for dirt, debris, or wear and clean them for better efficiency. Let everything dry thoroughly and assemble the parts in order. Thorough cleaning and regular maintenance go a long way in extending your vacuum’s life and usability.

Quality Household Cleaner Parts and Repair

For top-quality household vacuum cleaner parts and repair, your one-stop choice should always be the professionals at Think Vacuums. Our qualified staff understands the needs of your vacuum machine. We can help you assess the problem at hand that is causing your vacuum to run rough. We can provide you with the quality replacement parts that you need for virtually any brand or model vacuum to ensure you can get your vacuum operating smoothly and efficiently again.

Because we offer vacuum parts for a large selection of household vacuum brands, you can get the part needed in a timely manner so you don’t have to experience a lot of downtime. Our convenient live chat option on our website allows you to talk to an expert from the comfort of your computer and get your questions answered immediately. Our five-star rating will give you the confidence you need to trust Think Vacuums with all your vacuum parts and repair. We offer additional maintenance ideas you can use for a cleaner home.

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