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Adding any type of appliance to your home is an investment. And with any investment, you want to make sure that you are making the right choice for your home and family before you spend the money. Finding the perfect vacuum can be a challenging quest. After years of replacing portable vacuums because they burned out, broke, or simply did not clean as advertised, perhaps it is time to invest in a different type of vacuuming system altogether.

Most people are unaware there is an alternate choice for home vacuuming, a central vacuum system that adds real value and convenience. Central vacuum systems have many advantages over upright and canister models, including:

  • Portability Is Enhanced with a Central Vacuum

One of the main features people require from a vacuum is portability. Homes are not laid out as completely flat squares. There are steps, corners, small spaces, all manner of areas that need to be dusted and vacuumed regularly. With a central vacuuming system, the need to carry a machine from room to room and up and downstairs is eliminated entirely.

There is no longer a need to worry about a cord catching on anything and everything, each room of your house can have its own port in a central vacuum system and it automatically powers on when you connect to the port. Small spaces, awkward places, nothing is out of reach with all of the attachments and available additions to a central vacuum system. Soon vacuuming will not be a chore to you but a contest to see how much dust can be removed from your home. Learn more about how these vacuums work and their benefits.

  • Dust, Dirt, and Allergens Are Effectively Removed From the House
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Cleaning Stairs Is Easy with
a Central Vac

Portable vacuum cleaners suck dust from the carpet and furniture, depositing it into a bag or canister that you then have to empty. Emptying a canister or bag allows the particles, dander, and other detritus to leak back into the room. A DrainVac central vacuum system is more efficient in picking up the dust, dirt, and allergens and removing them from the home.

The main power unit can be set up in your garage, basement, utility room, or crawl space. Central Vacuuming systems have been scientifically proven to remove more dust, debris, and allergens from the home and air than conventional, portable, vacuum cleaners. All particles, including those insidious dust mites, are removed to the main vacuum unit of a central vacuum. This type of vacuum cleaner is the best for those who suffer from allergies.

  • Power and Versatility Are Up

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on the Market

The power of a traditional vacuum does not compare to the power of a DrainVac central vacuuming unit. Because the motor is stationary, it can be much larger than anything portable could muster. More power means more suction power and more dirt removed from your home. The power of the central vacuuming unit also means that long, deep, cleaning is possible. The motor does not heat up like a portable vacuum cleaner motor does.

This also means less noise as you aren’t moving an entire machine from room to room--no more complaints about the vacuum ruining screen or phone time! Central vacuums also feature a wide variety of accessories and attachments. You will be able to vacuum parts of your home that you have never been able to reach to clean properly. The long hoses and ability to put a port in nearly every room in your home mean that you will be able to use your central vacuum system to clean your cars, your garage, and even your boats!

“Quality-made central vacuum systems last for up to 20 years or more.”

  • Add a Dustpan In a Few Rooms

By adding a few strategically placed dustpans to your central vacuum system, you don’t have to get out the hose, wand, and tools to clean small messes. Put them in heavy traffic areas of the house that need more frequent cleaning and you will have an easy job of vacuuming. Just open the floor port and sweep the dust, dirt, or debris into its opening.

How Central Vacuums Are Installed

How to Install a Central Vacuum

Piping Layout in a One-floor Home

Central vacuums are installed by first mounting the power unit in the garage, basement, utility room, or crawl space. Next, piping is attached to it and run throughout the house in the walls, and where necessary, the attic. Holes are cut in the walls for mounting the inlets to which pipes and the vacuum hose are attached. Central vacuums work in 1, 2, or 3 story homes when installed properly.

Homeowners with appropriate skills and tools can tackle the project or a contractor can be hired for the work. The complete installation kit can be ordered with the power unit in a bundled package to save money. Central vacuums have been around for a long time and are becoming more popular every year.

How to Effectively Maintain Your System

How to Unclog Vacuum Pipes

Clean Out the Collection
Chamber on Schedule

Quality-made central vacuum systems last for up to 20 years or more. Two of these vacuum’s benefits are low maintenance and repairs. You can help keep your system running effectively and extend its life by emptying the collection canister regularly and keeping the piping clean and unclogged.

Clean the power unit out at the same time you empty the collection canister by first turning off the power to it. Wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water and avoid harsh chemicals. When running the appliance, listen for noises and watch for decreasing suction power. Either one may indicate something is stuck in or clogging up the piping. You never know when a child will put a small object in the wall outlet. If something is stuck or clogged, use a portable vacuum to suck it out through the outlet with its hose.

Be sure to check all tools, attachments, and accessories before each vacuuming session for clogs or debris. If something is in there, it can be pulled into the piping and cause problems. You can be happy that quality central vacuums are relatively trouble-free throughout their life span.

How to Choose the Best Model for Your Home

When it comes to making the final decision on whether to keep buying a succession of portable machines or upgrading your home to a central vacuum unit, you likely will need to consult with a professional. At Think Vacuums, we have a dedicated staff of professionals ready and eager to help you choose your DrainVac complete package. We are knowledgeable about central vacuum systems and will help you find the perfect central vacuum system for your home.

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