Is Your Central Vacuum Doing Its Job?

Some homeowners who have purchased older houses discover their old central vacuums aren't doing their jobs very well. When they have it checked out, they find the power unit is past its prime and needs replacing. This is an easy fix because you can purchase a central power unit for the garage or basement mounting and connect it to the existing pipelines. However, what if you aren’t sure if your central vacuum needs replacing? Stay with us as we take a look at a few guidelines for knowing when to replace your vacuum, which vacuum to buy, and where to get it.

How To Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Central Vacuum

CV issues that let you know the existing unit is worn out and needs replacing include:

  • The suction action is weak or nonexistent.
  • You smell a burning odor coming through the hose.
  • The system is 20 years old or older.
  • It cycles on and off by itself.
  • The vacuum will not start or makes unusual noises.
  • You notice damage caused by clogged equipment.
  • Wiring or piping issues

Once a technician begins working on your system, he or she may find multiple problems that were not readily apparent at first glance. As long as the hose, pipes, inlets, and their installation is OK, a new power unit is generally all that is needed to get your system back in working order . Try the following steps for troubleshooting your central vacuum, and if none of them work, it’s time to get a new unit.

One thing you should be aware of is that a central vacuum’s power should never diminish as you move farther away from the power head. The motor of a central vac is much stronger than an upright or canister model and should remain powerful no matter what room you are in. You should expect effective cleaning no matter how far away you are from the motor. If the performance becomes weaker as you move from room to room, you know you have an issue to fix. Click here for additional tips on using a central vacuum cleaner.

If your central vacuum quits working, it’s not necessary to run out and buy an upright or canister vacuum at a retail store when you can order quality equipment online from us at affordable prices. Many people borrow a friend’s or neighbor’s vacuum while they’re waiting for their new unit to arrive.

What to Buy for Peak Performance

When you are looking for a new central vacuum, you may find a used power unit for sale at an attractive price. However, experts advise against buying a used model because you may end up buying someone else’s problems, and there may be no accompanying warranty. For a few dollars more, you can get a leading brand with a solid warranty that brings peace of mind.

The vacuum industry recognizes DrainVac as the best central vacuum for  2019-2020. We like to think of them as the Ferrari of the industry and the best bang for your buck. Why do we say this? DrainVac vacuums have advanced vortex tangential Domel motors along with these other incredible features:

  • Improved airwatts
  • Superior waterlift
  • Advanced filtration
  • Easier to clean
  • Studio-quality acoustic sound-suppression system
  • Strongest power unit housing on the market
  • Backed by a 100% lifetime warranty

Take a look at these three models for three different size houses and match one with your home. Each one has a 25-year life span and is available with either a 4-gallon or 9-gallon dirt receptacle.

These new DrainVac models use less energy and are better for the environment than other similar central vacuums and are part of the Green Initiative

Little Giant Model
(for small to medium-size homes)
670 Airwatts Suction Power
128 Inch Water Lift
PowerHouse Model
(for medium-size homes)
790 Airwatts Suction Power
144 Inch Water Lift
Viper Model
(for larger size homes)
860 Airwatts Suction Power
151 Inch Water Lift

All three models operate on 110-volt electricity and will work in any home. To find out more about each of these amazing central vacuums and take advantage of sale prices, click here .

Where to Buy the Equipment

If you live in the Coral Springs area, drop in to see our Think Vacuums showroom at 9853 W. Sample Road. However, if you prefer to shop online, visit our website where you will find an extensive line of DrainVac and other leading brands of central vacuum cleaners, accessories, and parts. Models begin at only $549.00 for our Father’s Day sale. That’s a savings of at least $120.00 (for a limited time only)

We currently stock more than 25 DrainVac central vacuum cleaners include Wet-Dry models.Additionally, you will be pleased to know we carry parts for other brands and discontinued models. Recently, three of our customers had this to say about their experience with our company:

"I did the online chat with Cynthia, and she was very helpful. She was able to find the item I needed quickly, and this helped me identify a suitable product for my Beam Central Vacuum unit.”

"Web site was easy to follow and gave explanations of the products that other sites didn't.”

"After ordering my replacement central vacuum power unit, I received a call from a sales rep at Think Vacuums. He asked about the brand of the unit that I ordered. He strongly recommended that I go with a different unit because of the number of repair calls they have received on the same unit that I ordered. His recommendation was for a unit with a 25-year warranty instead of the 8 year warranty on the one I originally ordered, and they have had no service calls on the one he suggested. I couldn't be happier. I have my new unit installed; it's smaller than the one I was going to order and more powerful. Thank you.”

Call us at 1-877-690-2191 today for answers to all your vacuum cleaner questions or to order a new central vacuum cleaner for your home.