Is your Vacuum Clean? Don't Miss out on these Important Items

NuTone VacuumsToday, most families spend 90% of their time indoors, cooking meals for their children, children playing video games or doing homework or the whole family just enjoying a movie night. However, dirt, dust bunnies, allergens and other debris can be picked up from outside and brought back into your home. Air pollutants in the home can be a major contributor to your children’s health issues such as asthma, fatigue, itchy eyes and even sleeping problems. You should be confident that your family is spending time in a clean and healthy environment.
A typical upright vacuum doesn’t offer the power or ability to rid your home of these messes. With a NuTone central vacuum, you can be sure to rid your home of even the smallest microscopic particles and dirt exterior of your home. A typical, upright vacuum re-circulates dust and allergens back into your home, which means you are likely breathing them in. Not to mention the noise! A NuTone Central Vacuum Systems includes features such as HEPA air filtration, anti-stick technology, and internal sound suppression, so you can be confident that you are giving your home and family the healthy, clean environment that it deserves without all of the commotions. NuTone also provides a large selection of accessories to make sure that you give every room in your home from the living room to master bedroom and the guest room the kind of cleaning it needs. 

Experience a Healthier and Cleaner home

We know it doesn’t have to be a struggle to clean from room to room in your house. The NuTone Power units are conveniently placed wall outlets throughout your home allow you to easily access all areas of your home without lugging around a heavy vacuum. All you need to carry with you is the lightweight NuTone hoses. To meet the different cleaning needs of each room, NuTone tools and accessories has designed a large selection of NuTone vacuum parts to perfectly compliment your central vacuum system.
We know one of the busiest areas in your home, is the family room. You should be confident that your vacuum is doing an excellent job of cleaning. The vacuum has unsurpassed cleaning power, collecting 5-20 times more debris than a conventional vacuum. With power from the central unit combined with the efficient design of the central vacuum accessories, you can be sure that you and your family are spending time in a clean environment. 

Indoor Air-Quality

Uprights remove larger particles from your home but do not remove all of the smaller particles. The vacuum has five times the cleaning power of an upright vacuum to pick up all of the particles and remove them from your home. Uprights use systems that re-circulate particles back into the air, some of which are deposited back into your home. Air pollutants in the home can be a major contributor to health issues such as asthma, fatigue, itchy eyes, and even sleeping problems. Nasal, non-nasal, eye and sleep symptoms were all reduced between 49% to 60% with the use of a central vacuum system. 

Performance and Value

Do you want to get deeper clean now and for years to come? Purchase your NuTone complete packages from Think Vacuums in Coral Springs, Florida. A typical upright vacuum can cost between $200 - $500 and will last three to four years. Many homeowners have owned their NuTone vacuum cleaner for 15-20 years or more. NuTone vacuum not only provides you the power of the suctioning central unit, but also the resistant vacuum accessories to get the job done now and for years to come.