Isn’t It Time You Installed a Central Vacuum?

If you’re like most people, you’ve been using upright vacuum cleaners for many years, and now you’re ready for a change. Sure, uprights work OK, but they don’t have the cleaning power that a central vacuum system can deliver. Perhaps you’re tired of the common issues they present, including:

  • Inexpensive uprights are not durable enough to last a long time under heavy or frequent use, and they often lack the heavy-duty suction required for some flooring materials.
  • You need to purchase another cleaning machine after only a few years of use because the old one breaks down or emptying it isn’t convenient.
  • For some people, they are too heavy to use, or the long cords make cleaning cumbersome.
  • They are loud, and the higher decibels are more than some homeowners can take.
  • Uprights are clumsy to use in tight places and corners that need regular cleaning.
  • It’s difficult to clean stairs and under furniture.

It’s easy to overcome these obstacles with a leading central vacuum system brand. Once it’s installed and up and running, you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase one years ago. Look at what current owners of central vacuums have to say about them:

  • “They are quieter because the power unit is kept in the garage.”
  • “All I need to push around is the lightweight wand and attachment.”
  • “I had the options of buying a central vacuum with or without a bag.”
  • “My new central vacuum is much easier to use on stairways and landings.”
  • “The exhaust is pumped outdoors and away from living areas.”
  • “The difference in power is amazing compared to my old upright model.”

Central vacuums have large dust and dirt receptacles that require less frequent emptying. This is a convenience everyone enjoys, plus it’s cleaner to empty because no dust goes back into the room you just cleaned. Other reasons CVs are a favorite of many homeowners is because they are versatile and better at cleaning bare floors, drapes, under furniture, blinds, and upholstery. These cleaning machines add monetary value to any home and help improve indoor air for allergy and asthma sufferers.

A System That Provides Outstanding Benefits

There are many different brands and models of central vacuums on the market today. They are cleaning marvels because they offer ease and power in vacuuming and allow you to clean your house with little to no fuss or mess. Here are some additional benefits you will like:

  • Their power and filtration systems are superior to upright, canister, and robot cleaners, which allows you to rid your home of more air pollution than any other type of vacuum.
  • Central vacuums are quite durable, reliable, and suffer few breakdowns over the years.
  • A wide array of tools, attachments, accessories, and parts are available for them.
  • No heavy vacuum or long power cords to maneuver around.

You get all the above benefits with a DrainVac which was voted the best central vacuum in the industry for 2019-220. Two models are standouts to most consumers: The Powerhouse and Little Giant. They are best sellers because of their exceptional suction power – lifetime warranty – and 5-Star ratings.


The Little Giant pictured on the left is extremely quiet because the power unit’s acoustic foam lining suppresses the sound. It’s even quieter because you house the power unit in the basement or garage. This model is made for homes less than 4,000 square feet and is available with either a 4 or 9-gallon dirt collection unit. It provides high suction power and water lifts up to 190 inches.

Drainvac’s Powerhouse model has the advantage of a suction ranking of 790 air watts. It is so powerful it can handle homes up to 6,500 square feet in size. Both the Little Giant and Powerhouse vacuums come with premium quality all-metal DOMEL motors. These high-performance European motors are backed by a 25-year motor warranty. This model is quieter than other brands and is almost indestructible. Additionally, the vacuum’s housing is covered under a lifetime warranty.

Call Us for More Information and Help Installing Your Vacuum is America’s #1 leading online vacuum dealer that offers a complete line of DrainVac products. We offer the following to every customer – plus outstanding prices: If your home is between 6,500 and 12,000 square feet – no worries, we have models for these size homes as well as complete sets of piping, hoses, wands, tools, accessories, and attachments. If you have the skills to install your central vacuum, you can save money. If you don’t have these skills, we can refer you to a reliable company that will do the work for you. Give us a call at 1-888-882-3986 with all your questions and needs.