It’s Not Too Late to Install a DuoVac Central Vacuum in Your Home

Image result for images of using a central vacuumHave you wanted a central vacuum system in your home for a long time, but thought it was too late to install one? You might be surprised to know that retrofitting a central vacuum in an existing house can easily be done by skilled installers. In fact, many people have done it, and so can you! A DuoVac system is ideal for any size of home and cleaning needs.

All that’s required to get a central vacuum in your existing home is to take the following steps:

  1. Hire professionals to prepare your home
  2. Purchase your DuoVac vacuum system
  3. Install the system with precision
  4. Learn how to use your vacuum cleaner

Let’s explore how to accomplish this goal and the benefits of a DuoVac central vacuum.

Hire Professionals to Prepare Your Home

Most homeowners lack the skills and tools to prepare a home for a central vacuum. You may be the exception if you have successfully done this in one or more houses. However, if you are even the slightest bit worried about doing all the prep work, you should not attempt it and should hire professionals instead. Get three estimates from different companies, choose one, and order the complete system for your size house.

To install a central vacuum in your home, installers will want to know the diameter of the pipes that carry the debris. They typically come in standard sizes, which should not be a problem unless you order a different size. They also need a diagram of the rooms, locations of wall inlets, and routing of the pipes.

You should cover all furniture and floors in each area where work will be done as the installers will cut holes in walls, floor plates, and ceiling plates as necessary, to run the pipes and place the wall outlets. Schedule the work when you can be home to help the preparation go smoothly.

Install the System with Precision

Ranch Style Central Vacuum Installation DiagramNow it’s time to move the materials out of storage and start connecting the pipes and the power unit. Most people hang the power unit in the garage or basement to keep the noise out of the house. Typically, this part of the system is securely mounted on the wall at a convenient height for emptying, cleaning, and maintenance.

The installers will cut the pipes to length for horizontal and vertical placement inside the walls, and glue the connections for a tight fit that will last the lifetime of the systems. It will be necessary to cut holes in the drywall to make some of the connections.

Pipes will be mounted to wall inlets strategically placed for connecting the vacuum hose. The installers will know how far apart to locate the inlets to achieve maximum coverage with your length of hose. Once the job is complete, the installers will also finish any wall patching and painting, and then you’re almost ready to use your new appliance.

Several test runs will be made on each connection to ensure the system is working correctly in each room. The last things to do are to locate an appropriate storage space and read the manual before cleaning your house.

Benefits of a DuoVac Central Vacuum

DuoVac Central Vacuum Power UnitsDuoVac central vacuums are not advertised as much as upright cleaners because they are so well-made, they sell themselves. You will enjoy these benefits with your new appliance:

  • Deeper, more powerful clean than an upright or canister vacuum cleaner
  • Its serviceable life is 15 to 20 years with few repairs or replacement parts needed
  • There’s no need to purchase inexpensive vacuums that may wear out in a few years
  • A central vacuum is lightweight and much more versatile than other models
  • Its warranty is among the best

DuoVac is Canada’s premium brand of central vacuum and offers all the advantages of having a central vacuum including the additional benefits of:

  • Lamb & Domel motors with soft starting and stopping
  • Brushed aluminum canisters and an LED status indicator
  • Hybrid filtration technology for cleaner and healthier air
  • Low noise reduction emission and machine washable permanent filter
  • Filters treated with antibacterial SILPURE products
  • 10-year to 25-year warranties, depending on the model

Additionally, you will enjoy superior design, excellent performance, and exceptional air quality that the Consumers Choice award for vacuums has recognized for the past seventeen years. This brand offers superior filtration efficiency at 97.5%, which means it cleans the air so well there’s no need to vent the exhaust outside your home or business. People who suffer from allergies or other respiratory conditions will be delighted with this feature.  Choose from among 19 different models on our website and get free shipping on all orders over $70.

Find Everything You Need Online

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