Keeping Your Home Cleaner with a Central Vacuum System

Keeping Your Home Cleaner with a Central Vacuum System

You may think you’re cleaning your house well with an upright or canister vacuum cleaner, but unless you are using a central vacuum, there’s room for improvement. In a study conducted by The University of California at the Davis School of Medicine, researchers stated: “We report herein that use of a central vacuum cleaner was superior to a conventional vacuum in all seven domains of the study.” With this thought in mind, we will explore how to keep your home cleaner with a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum is an advanced whole-house cleaning system that uses a hose and tools to pull lint, dust, dirt, and debris through pipes in the walls and empties them into a main canister. Because of its flexible hose, a central vacuum can literally be used to clean all surfaces in a house. Its lightweight and low noise level encourage the user to spend more time cleaning each area thoroughly.

Powerful Motors Clean Everything Better

The powerful motors found in central vacuums do an amazing job of picking up:

  • Dust and lint
  • Allergens
  • Dirt and pet dander
  • Small rocks
  • Food scraps
  • Odds and ends from hobbies

Because they are so strong, they pick up more material from carpets, even deep pile carpets, and leave surfaces cleaner than when you use an upright or canister model.

Additionally, this type of cleaning machine is not limited to cleaning carpets and is also effective on:

  • Hardwoods and laminates
  • Ceramic tile, granite, and marble
  • Vinyl and cement
  • Cork and bamboo

All it takes to do an efficient job of cleaning all these floors is setting the attachment to the correct height for each material and possibly using a different cleaning head. TIP: As a best practice, you should dust before vacuuming floors, and wait 15 to 20 minutes for all dust to settle.

Central vacuums are designed to easily clean a variety of surfaces including those we typically forget about and should clean more often. Are you cleaning all the following on a regular schedule?

  • Stairways and steps
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Window sills
  • Ceiling fans
  • Shutters and shades
  • Auto interiors
  • Mattresses and pillows
  • Fridge coils
  • Keyboards and speakers
  • Clothes dryer
  • Pets

Efficient Air Filtration Systems Are an Allergens Worst Enemy

All types of central vacuum cleaner power units are capable of more efficiency than any HEPA filter. When exhausted to the outside, they are virtually 100% effective in removing dust, dirt, and allergens from a house, leaving it allergy free and healthy, unlike upright and canister models. A central vacuum’s powerful motor pulls more dust and allergens through the filter and transfers it to the canister in the garage or basement. 

Better filtration translates to better air quality for any home, large or small and any family. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPS) estimates that the use of central vacuums can help reduce the number of people that suffer from dust allergies and other respiratory conditions. You simply cannot overlook this benefit of central vacuums.  

Things You Should Never Do with a Central Vacuum

While you may think you’re a pro at cleaning the house, the truth is, most of us are not. There are some things you should never do with any vacuum cleaner. Are you guilty of any of these vacuuming blunders?

  • Vacuuming with a dirty or damaged filter
  • Waiting until the canister is full to empty it
  • Not using the best attachments for each job
  • Not removing tangled hair, strings, and debris
  • Vacuuming used coffee grounds or wet foods
  • Picking up plant debris, sharp objects, and fireplace ash
  • Vacuuming nails, coins, small toys, and anything questionable

You will keep your central vacuum cleaner in better condition and prolong its life by avoiding all the items in the list above. Stick to cleaning things your vacuum was designed for to maintain a cleaner home and a functioning vacuum.

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