How to Change the Miele Filter Bag

How to Change the Miele Filter Bag

When to Change the Filter Bag

You should change the Miele filter bag when you notice that the display of the airflow indicator is filled out with red color. These bags are disposable and designed for one-time use and if you attempt to reuse, you will notice that the suction power of the vacuum will be reduced.

Miele Vacuum Filter BagsTo know whether it is time to change the filter bag:

  1. Append the standard floor brush to the vacuum cleaner. Using any other suction tools may affect the functions of the airflow indicator.
  2. Switch on the vacuum cleaner and set it to the highest level of power.
  3. When you lift the floor brush, you’ll observe the marker filling the indicator window if the filter bag needs changing.

 How Does the Airflow Indicator Work?

The airflow indicator is responsible for notifying you when the Miele filter bag is full and needs changing. This happens when it is filled with dust and restricts the airflow through the filter bag.

If you are using a household vacuum cleaner, the dust will often feature carpet fluff, threads, hair, dust, sand, and other kinds of dirt. However, the indicator can show that the bag is ‘full’ even when it’s not. This happens when the pores of the filter bag are blocked by finer dust, such as sand, drill dust, flour, or plaster.

If this happens, the filter bag should be changed since the suction has been significantly reduced. On the other hand, it is possible for the indicator not to read ‘full’ even though it is full and bulging with hair, pet fur, carpet fluff, etc. This is because the airflow could still be a little too high to activate the market that shows the maximum capacity has been reached. You should, again, change the filter bag.

How do I Change the Miele Filter Bag

Change The Miele Filter BagTo replace a Miele Vacuum filter bag, gently tug on the release button and lift open the lid of the dust compartment until it clicks. The filter bag has a cover that is designed to flap shut when the lid is open to prevent the dirt from escaping the bag.

  1. Take the filter bag by the collar and remove it from its holder.
  2. Without unfolding the new filter bag (as it was in its package), place it into the blue holder as low as it will go.
  3. Now unfold it while in the dust compartment.
  4. Close the lid of the dust compartment until you hear a click while trying not to snap the lid on the filter bag.
  5. If you haven’t put in a new filter bag, the lid won’t close because it is designed to only close when there is a filter bag. Do not force it shut!

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