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Breaking News - Press Release
New European stronger motors now available in all Drainvac Central Vacuums.

Starting in 3rd quarter of 2013, and for the 2014 season. Wicked Power.


Drainvac shocks the central vacuum industry again by unveiling the all new "Super-Charged" high performance line of motors from Domel, Europe' s largest motor manufacturer. The entire industry is stirring and raising commotion on these new dynamic top secret motors. The breaking news was first announced by the President and C.E.O of Drainvac International. These motors have been years in development with countless hours of testing and engineering being performed at Domel. With Domel, this project was so top secret only engineers at Drainvac and Domel collaborated for months if not years on perfecting and testing these superior motors. The production achievement of these motors will rival any motors ever produced to date to handle this caliber of power, and by this redefining the technology in the central vacuum market. While some motor manufacturers have developed a larger diameter fan and chambers, such as 7.2 and 8.4 inch, which in turn has to spin slower to overcome to balance, which may look impressive but is really just show boating when it comes next to actual performance. The new advanced Domel uses a 5.7 Super Charged air induction motor, small but mighty, this motor leaves the competition in the dust! To this date, no motor has been invented that's better.

This motor was so top secret it was presented to Drainvac in a padded suitcase, sitting down in a conference room amongst proud designing engineers and developers. To be a fly on the wall being able to see the gleaming expression on the faces of the individuals who have accomplished the task on taking the next generation of motors to the next level. Congrats to Domel and their engineers!

All of these modifications now reduce any energy consumption and conserve the environment by using longer life and higher efficiency vacuum motors. A direct quote from Domel themselves, "To improve performance and extend life, we have introduced the following modifications and updates:

1. Reinforced motor shaft.
2. Improved commutator design.
3. BMC bracket with integrated TCO.
4. Improve commutation.
5. Included safety carbon brush (496.3.719).

6. End of carbon brush life no longer damages commutator.
7. Reduced spring tension to carbon brush (extends life).
8. Lower carbon brush wear.
9. Increased G-Force output
10. Motor now stays even cooler at higher RPMs.
These improvements should extend the life of the motor by an additional 15 more years than previously designed high efficiency motors, and will be more environmentally friendly for years to come.

Now 20% more suction power
than it's competition.

Domel keeps the other motor manufacturers guessing, but most of all in envy. Domel pushes the limits of engineering and excellence by vigorously testing their motors by keeping them running 24/7 some for months replicating thirty five years of normal usage to ensure power, performance and longevity. Quality materials and dedicated time being put into each motor guarantees maximum performance and reliability for the Drainvac central vacuums!  Consider this, Ferrari (the car manufacturer) unleashes more powerful engines every few years to make their cars more advanced, and of course to live up to the high end prestigious name they have worked hard to establish - similar to Drainvac and Domel! Maybe it's time to consider changing your central vacuum to a Drainvac system? More information to follow shortly regarding these top secret motors.

A word from the owner of Thinkvacuums.com:

"This is the most impressive central vacuum motor I have ever seen! Period." - Robert Buckwald