Nutone 550 Central Vacuum

Nutone PP5501 Central Vacuum The Nutone Purepower 5501 Air Watts housing central vacuum cleaner power unit blends unmatched filtration and powerful suction, to get rid of dust and other debris from your house. It comes with closed HEPA filtration integrated with 650 air watts of capacity to give you spotless internal air.

It has a smooth design that can fit into condensed spaces and works fine for houses from 1,000 and 4,000  square feet. The 550 works quietly and is almost silent to you when vacuum-cleaning if it is fitted in a  garage or basement. With supreme filtration, you won’t be dispersing the dust around -- since microscopic dust elements are wiped out to the outside of your house.

What are the Features of the Nutone 550 Central Vacuum? 

  • Brings 700 air watts of strength for deep cleaning of  allergens and dust; UL listed for your self-assurance
  • Closed HEPA 2.0 containing HEPA filter with attached seams and a subordinate exhaust filter that sieves out the carbon dirt produced by the motor providing supreme filtration for freshest indoor air
  • Ultra-silent technology: Thru-flow motor joint with high-performance, sound-absorbing material, and gathering methods make these vacuums among the noiseless in the industry guaranteeing noiseless operation that won’t bother the family while you vacuum; no muffler needed
  • FlexCollect remains disposal – Has a bagging system that offers bagless and bagged options due to its nature in 1 unit. Utilizes Nutone version 391 vacuum bags. Just change to bagless if your bags run out.
  • Huge 6 U.S. gallon corrosion-resistant, easy-clean dirt pail that usually needs voidance only twice every year.
  • Huge ergonomic handles on the dirt pail make the process of emptying your central vacuum seamless - dirt pail knobs flips open for an easy and quick pail removal
  • Multi-direction vacuum linking for easy fitting even in small places; six-foot control cord included for even more ease
  • Wall-mount support for safe, simple, and secure mounting

What are the Specifications of the Nutone 5501? 

  • Advanced filtration

This progressive filtration, blended with the Nutone’s powerful force clears up more allergens and debris than the competition. Asthma, allergies, and other sensitivities are intensified by dust elements in the air, and vacuum-cleaning risks recoiling those particles up from the ground into the breathing air. But, with the Nutone pp5501, supreme filtration and debris collection keep particles as little as .3 microns from returning to the environment.

The make of the central vacuum also restricts debris contact because all debris is carried through the washing in the walls, instead of through canals inside the house. A progressive, minor exhaust filter at the central unit also sieves out any carbon powder produced by the motor, so your breathing air stays fresh even right next to the main form of the vacuum.

  • Excellence guaranteed

The Nutone 550 Central vacuum unit is made from high-quality elements and intended to last. Central vacuums are an asset for your home. The Nutone 550 needs little upkeep and can save you money and time in the long run. Upgrade your house today.

The Nutone 550 has a 5-year restricted warranty on parts and a 3-year limited warranty on work so you can clean with sureness.

  • 63-decibel rating

Nutone PP5501 installationThis unit has an extremely low decibel rating. This shows you can clean short of disruptions. The 550 is noiseless enough to work during sensitive times without triggering distress to other members of the family. Cleaning is further quieted by the central unit being located away from the user.

  • 120 volts

This power unit operates at the average voltage for domestic appliances and is able to manage voltage variations down to 110 volts without damage or disruption.

  • 13.5 AMPS rating

The Nutone 550 works at a level of power unachievable by handheld or portable vacuums.

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