NuTone - Central Vacuum Standard Wall Inlet

Hose and central vacuum The NuTone Central Vacuum Standard Wall Inlet is made of strong materials to last for a long time. It is designed using modern technology to suit the customers’ needs. 

Features of NuTone Central Vacuum

The manufacturer maintains strict control over the quality standards, which ensures conformance to safety. Nutone products are reliable. It combines excellent craftsmanship and innovative technology, and superior workmanship.

NuTone has been in business since 1936 when they manufactured door chimes. For more than eight decades, they have been manufacturing many products to improve the quality of life. NuTone is among the top manufacturers of central vacuum systems, ventilation fans, door chimes, and home automation systems in America. As technology advances, NuTone continues to improve its products to go with the times and satisfy the customers.


Central vacuum pipes and fittingNuTone assures anyone who purchases the original products that they will get defect-free products. They guarantee their products will remain in perfect condition for a certain period from the date of purchase. There are no other implied or express warranties for Nutone products. 

If your product develops any problem during the stated period, NuTone could replace or repair the defective product part. Their warranty does not cover filters, bulbs, starters, roof caps, fuses, wall caps, fluorescent lamp starters, bulbs, ducts, and other ducting accessories. Also, defects resulting from misuse, accident, or negligence, erroneous installation, and routine maintenance and service are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty strictly lasts the period specified without extension. This limitation may not apply to you if you live in states that do not allow limitations on implied warranties. The purchaser of the product should be careful when installing and using it because faults arising from connection, falls, or other damages that arise from mishandling or failure to follow instructions shall not be covered by this warranty.

Replacing an Inlet Valve

Inlet ports by Nutone are universal. Universal inlet ports have two screws that stand 4” apart and a hole that has a 1-1/2 inch diameter. Vacuum inlets come in many shapes and colors, and you can interchange them. Before replacing inlets, confirm whether the inlets are electric or basic. 

The1-1/2 inch diameter hole in electric and basic inlets has two metal contacts inside. To start suction, touch the contacts using the back of a spoon. Electric inlets have two 110 V connection holes that stand ⅜ inches from each other at the bottom or top of the hole. Do not insert anything into these holes.

Plate covers for the basic inlet are popularly used in Nutone installations. The mounting screws are 4” away from each other, and the opening is almost 1-½ inches. The mounting bracket has a 1-5/8 inch round hole where the inlet is fixed. You can mount the inlet valve with the lid opening down or up. 

Due to their durability, the full face inlets are becoming more popular and replacing the square and oval styles. 

If you are using rectangle-shaped valves, they are also interchangeable. Each inlet valve hole has two metal contact points on the rear side to connect the low voltage wire. Rectangle valves can be used to replace 99% of older wall inlets. The rectangle valves cannot replace inlets that are switched on by pressing a  button or copper or a 1-¼ inch hose insertion hole.

With a low voltage hose, you can avoid the hassle of going to pull out the hose from the wall by switching the vacuum on and off at the hose’s handle. Any voltage hose is compatible with all vacuum systems and inlets. 

Nutone Electrified Inlets

Nutone central vacuum utility inletIt is good to leave electric work to electricians because electric shocks can be fatal. Electric inlet plate covers may be used in vacuum hose installation for various brands. The round opening is just under 1-1/2 inch, mounting screws are only under 4 inches apart, and The plate is fitted into a 1-5/8 inch wide hole in the mounting frame in the wall with the mounting screws about 4” apart, and 1-½” round opening. 

Electric inlet valve covers have one connection for low voltage and another for 110V. The low voltage connection has two screws on the backside, and the other is connected on the front side of the cover. The stretch, basic, and low voltage hoses are compatible with electric valves.

The two types of electric inlets, the Super valve, and Electra valve electric covers are not interchangeable.

How to Replace Nutone Central Vacuum Inlet

Inlet valve replacement is not a difficult task. However, when dealing with electric valves, it is good to look for a professional from Think Vacuums. Our services are top of the range, offered at pocket-friendly prices.

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