About Nutone Central Vacuum

About Nutone Central Vacuum

Widely Recognized

Nutone Central Vacuum Adjustable WandThe Nutone central vacuum is a widely recognized brand of home products. Chances are that you have a Nutone product in your home. They sell products ranging from doorbells, range hoods, and bathroom fans. The company mostly focuses on products that keep the air at home fresh which makes their central vacuum systems a perfect product. 

Different Body, Same Connections

The attachments, hoses, inlets, and installation parts are the same so you can be sure that even if you need a spare part for your old vacuum cleaner, even the new parts will fit perfectly. 

NuTone Central Vacuum 

NuTone CS600 Central Vacuum AdvantagesNuTone CS600 Central Vacuum Combination Carpet and Bare Floor Attachment Set with Direct Connect Electrified Inlets includes all the attachments you need to keep your living space pure and dust-free. 

CS600 features the convenience of maximum power with selections for carpeting, hard floors, draperies, and furniture. With Nutone CS600, you can directly connect your hose to the electrified inlet and start vacuuming.

NuTone CS600 Central Vacuum Features

  • It has a 30-Foot hose that is carrying current that allows you to reach areas that would otherwise have been difficult to reach. This allows you to have more vacuuming time other than spending it moving the hose.

Due to its crushproof and lightweight feature, the hose will spring back to its original state if it gets caught in a door or accidentally gets stepped on. This ensures that it lasts long and serves you for years to come. 

  • It also comes with a twist and turns floor brush that has a 13” width and allows for maximum maneuverability.

  • Direct Connection to electrified central vacuum inlets (CI358, CI390)

  • An adjustable wand that carries the current which can extend from 26” to 39”. 

  • It comes with an electric power brush that uses a motorized roller that has 4 position height adjustments and nylon brushes to remove soil. The height adjustments allow you to choose the most suitable cleaning action for carpets, hard floors, or whatever floor type you are vacuuming. It has in-built  LED lighting that allows you maximum visibility when cleaning to ensure you don’t miss a spot.

  • An extendable Wand that can be adjusted from 22 to 39 inches.

  • It has a durable and soft hose sock that prevents the hose from getting scratched on walls and corners as you navigate around during cleaning. This is efficient because you do not have to keep moving furniture around as you clean. Or keep worrying about your walls getting scratched.

CS600 NuTone features

  • It comes with a dusting brush that has natural and soft bristles

  • It has a storage bag that offers convenience in that you can store all your tools in a centralized place. You reduce your chances of losing tools and you can also pick your most preferred tool from the storage bag, and not having to stop cleaning and go looking for it elsewhere.

  • It has a crevice tool that has a notched end and is long enough to allow cleaning in hard-to-reach places.

  • It has a hanger that is mounted on the wall to help store the power-head and wand when not in use. 

  • The kit has electrified inlets such that you do not need to have extension cables that work to simplify your cleaning experience. 

Get Expert Advice on the Best Vacuum Choice

NuTone products have been recognized over the years as being reliable and efficient and have given our clients the best cleaning experiences. If you want to know more about the NuTone CS600 Central Vacuum, get in touch with our experts at Think Vacuums. 

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