NuTone Central Vacuum System

Nutone Central Vacuum

The NuTone Central Vacuum System Power Unit combines unmatched filtration and powerful suction to remove dust and other allergens from your house. It comes with Sealed HEPA filtration with 650 air watts of power to give you the freshest indoor air. It features a sleek design that fits into compact spaces and works effectively for homes from 2,000 to 7,000 square feet.

The PP6501 operates silently and is virtually silent to you when vacuuming if it is installed in a garage or basement. With unmatched filtration capabilities, you won't be scattering the dust around because microscopic dust particles are exhausted outside your home.


Nutone Central Vacuum Power Units
  • Delivers 650 air watts of suction power to for deep cleaning of allergens and dust; UL Listed for your confidence.
  • Features a sealed HEPA filter with glued seams to deliver unmatched filtration for freshest indoor air
  • FlexCollect Debris Disposal: Hybrid system delivers bagged or bagless operation in 1 unit. Uses NuTone model 391 bags. Never be without a vacuum cleaner again. Simply switch to bagless modes if you run out of bags.
  • ULTRA Silent™ Technology: Thru-flow motor with sound-absorbing, high-performance materials, and assembly methods make these vacuums among the quietest in the industry. Their quiet operation won't disturb the household while vacuuming; no muffler is required.
  • Large 6 U.S. gallon easy-clean, corrosion-resistant fragments pail that typically needs emptying only once every six months
  • Eight-year warranty with support from an award-winning customer service team
  • Large ergonomic latches on the debris or dust pail make emptying your central vacuum easier.
  • Multi-direction vacuum connection for easy installation even in small spaces; six-foot power cord included for even more convenience
  • Residential Use Only
  • Wall-mount bracket for simple, safe, and secure mounting

The conveniently placed wall outlets in every room in your home allow you to easily access every part of your home without dragging around a heavy vacuum. All you need to carry with you is the lightweight hose.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Central vacuum systems do not necessitate a lot of maintenance after installation. Like many vacuum cleaners, a central vacuum system must be frequently emptied of all of the dirt that it has collected in the dirt canister; if your vacuum system uses a filter bag, that too must be swapped.

Typically, you should only have to do this two to four times a year, depending on your system and how often your home needs to stay clean! If you are cleaning your system less frequently than this, your it may not be picking up everything it should; if you are cleaning it more than this, that is also a cause for concern.

It may be that your filter requires to be changed more than this, however, or that your Central vacuum dirtbag must be swapped before it is actually full; check with your manufacturer to find out the best conditions for maintaining these elements of your central vacuum system.


Is A Central Vacuum Good For Hardwood Floors?

Nutone Accessories

Central vacuums can reserve the longevity and shine of your flooring better than upright vacuums. Upright vacuums usually come with hard-bristled brushes that often scratch the floor and do not suck up dirt and debris effectively. Central vacuums for hardwood floorings have a wide, air-powered, and low-voltage mouth that collects dirt and debris effectively. They also come with rubber bumpers, soft wheels, and an option to buy hose socks to prevent scratching.

How Does A Central Vacuum Turn On?

A low voltage trigger wire connects every inlet to the central vacuum unit. When you turn on the switch on the hose handle, the wire triggers the power unit to switch the electric floor brush and the motor on or off.

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