NuTone Central Vacuums Revolutionize the Cleaning Process

If you have not considered a NuTone central vacuum, you should! Using a NuTone central vacuum cleaner is easy and almost effortless Clean homes are more important now than ever before because the average American family spends so much more time there than they did in the past. Increased foot traffic stirs us additional dust and brings in more outdoor debris which you must vacuum to reduce the effects of allergens and pet dander. Why do we stay at home more?

  • Many people work part-time or full-time from home.
  • Children and teens use electronic devices more than in past generations.
  • Adults use more computer apps and social media.
  • Many adults take care of elderly parents at home.
  • A typical family entertains guests more now than in the past.

Everyone should be able to feel confident that their family is living in a healthy and clean house. You can accomplish this goal with an effective central vacuum cleaner such as a NuTone model. Upright vacuums are fine but just don’t remove enough small particles and allergens from carpets and furniture. Did you know that central vacuums exhaust the air and dirt outside the living areas of a home? When you use a central vacuum, all dust, dirt, allergens, and pet dander are sent through piping to a collection canister in the garage or basement. An upright or canister vacuum simply can’t do this!

The second way a NuTone central vacuum cleans the air is by using efficient HEPA filtration. Once you have used one of these cleaning marvels for a few weeks, you will notice the difference. Additionally, most new owners immediately spot another feature that is missing from their central vacuum – the noise. All central vacuum motors are housed in the power unit in the garage or basement, and most systems are equipped with sound suppression materials.

Have the Cleanest House in the Neighborhood

NuTone is a leading manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and users around the world recognize them for their products’ cleaning abilities and cost-effectiveness. Their reputation ensures a clean home when you follow effective vacuuming practices. Here’s why their systems are favorites:

  • Recognized as the brand most used in America
  • Named the “most wanted” built-in appliance
  • Powerful suction that removes the smallest particles
  • Reliable and durable – built to last 20 or more years
  • Solidly built motors with powerful pickup action
  • Superior air filtration to keep your home air cleaner
  • Accurate bag-full lights and simple bag changing

All the above advantages of NuTone vacuums add up to a cleaner home. Every model effectively cleans all types of floors, including carpets, tile, laminate, hardwood, stone, and concrete. There’s no job too large or corner too tight for these vacuums to handle. Tools are available to clean:

    • All types of floors
    • Any kind of furniture
    • All styles of blinds
    • Ceiling fans
    • Stairways and walls
    • Under furniture
    • Automobiles

Vacuuming tight corners and awkward places is so easy with a NuTone central vacuum. Additionally, there’s no need to push a heavy upright or canister vacuum around the house. Almost anyone can use the lightweight hose, wand, and attachment, including those in a wheelchair.

What It Takes to Install and Use a NuTone

Installing and using a NuTone central vacuum system is not rocket science. If you do not currently have a central vacuum, simply order a complete package for your size home, and have someone install it. If you currently have a system and just need a replacement power unit, order the power unit only.

If this is your first time ordering a central vacuum, complete these steps, and you will be on your way to a clean home:

  1. Determine how many rooms or areas you intend to vacuum and the associated number of wall outlets needed.
  2. Accurately measure the square footage of your home.
  3. Select the model vacuum that matches the first two steps.
  4. Order a complete package that includes the power unit, tools, accessories, and installation kit materials.
  5. Install the system yourself, or hire a pro to do the work.
  6. Study the user’s manual and get to work!

If you are replacing another brand or older model NuTone, follow the first three steps above. This is necessary to find out if the original system was laid out correctly and if the power unit was the correct size. The pipe sizes should be a universal fit; however, consult with one of our experts at 1.877-971-7092 if you originally bought a different brand or have questions. Adapters for pipes and wall outlets are available, so don’t worry.

Next, select the power unit, order it, and install it. Switching out the vacuum should be relatively easy because it is not heavy or awkward to handle. Study the user’s manual and enjoy cleaning your home with one of the best central vacuums on the market today.