Features to Consider when Choosing a Carpeting Powerhead

Maximum cleaning capabilityThe Nutone CT600 powerhead has a 14-inch wide motorized roller bar with two rows of nylon brushes that provides extra cleaning power. The 4-position height adjustment – (Hi, Med, Low, Extra Low) – customizes cleaning to all carpet types. Dual brushed edge-cleaning guarantees maximum cleaning capability, even to the very edges of your carpeting. A reliable cog belt design ensures that the user will not be changing the belts regularly. A built-in full-width light maximizes cleaning visibility.

Easy-to-release wands allow the user to remove the wand assembly from the power brush without bending and easily switch to an alternative tool for above-the-floor cleaning. A convenient overload protection reset button is located on the housing of the vac. If something gets trapped in the agitator, the overload protection shuts off the motor to prevent motor burn out and belt breakage. 

Once you understand the style and type of powerhead you want, you can narrow your search more by determining the features you need. Here are some factors to consider when obtaining a Nutone ct600 replacement powerhead.

Height Adjustment

Most powerheads have a height adjustment feature, but not all are created equal. It is incredibly essential in determining the pile of your carpeting and what levels you will need to vacuum. 


Do you have back trouble and need to carry the powerhead up and downstairs? If so, you should consider the weight of the powerhead as well. A lightweight powerhead that can still do the job you need is a vital feature for you to consider.

Roller Brush Quality

Choosing the best powerheadWhen vacuuming a carpet, it all revolves around the roller brush. Some roller brushes or beater bars are made of high-quality steel with sealed ball bearings. On the other hand, others are made of wood or aluminum. Some vacs have replaceable brush strips so that when the powerhead wears, you only have to buy brushes, not a whole new roller brush. If you are investing in a good quality powerhead, it is nice to add years of life to it with simple repairs.

Belt System

Belt designs for powerheads differ. In the past, there was only one kind of belt in any vacuum, but today there are three designs found in powerheads, including a Poly-V belt, a Cogged or Geared Belt, or a traditional flat belt. Generally, geared belts last much longer than a standard flat belt. Besides, Poly-V belts also last longer than a flat belt.


Do you have low furniture in the carpeted areas of your house? You may want to consider a Nutone powerhead with a very low profile so you can easily vacuum under beds and furniture. It is imperative to consider the height of your lowest furniture and the height of the powerhead.

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