NuTone Electric Powerheads for Central Vacuums

NuTone Central Vacuums are a brand of central vacuums that not only collect dirt and debris from your residence or premise but are also equipped with state-of-the-art filters that trap particles that may contain potential allergens. Better quality of air in your home, work, school campus, and vehicles can reduce the risk of allergies.

NuTone Bags and Filters: Improving Your Air Quality

NuTone filters don't just passively capture dust; they also remove microorganisms in the air that can cause allergies. These filters are HEPA certified which guarantees that they perform as advertised.
In this article, we will describe to you the features of NuTone Central Vacuum Systems including their core system and accessories.

The Vacuum Powerhead

The powerhead is the unit you attach to the central vacuum hose. There are two types of the powerheads, the electric powerhead, and the nonelectric powerhead. For the electric powerhead, there is an additional cable that is plugged into an electrical wall outlet. This supplies power to the vacuum cleaner powerhead.
An electric powerhead has a rolling brush that is driven by the electric motor which scrubs and shakes the surface being vacuumed and then sucks up the debris which has been agitated out. The strength of an electric powerhead brushes through the carpet fibers giving them a neat, groomed look.
Unlike electric powerheads, non-electric powerheads only use the suction provided by the central vacuum unit to collect debris. Since air is the only thing powering a non-electric powerhead, the rotating brush can stop moving when it encounters a significant amount of debris. Therefore, their cleaning power can be limited when handling very dirty surfaces.
From this description, it is clear that an electric powerhead gives you a deeper clean.
NuTone Vacuums Central

Ratings of Power Units

Power units are rated based on watts. The higher the watts, the more powerful the power unit is. NuTone uses specific vocabulary for its vacuums. For example, they brand the models with a power rating of 500 watts, 600 watts, 650 watts as follows:
  • NuTone PP500 (500-watt power unit)
  • Nutone PP600 (600-watt power unit)
  • NuTone PP650 (650-watt power unit)

NuTone Electric Powerheads

NuTone Electric Powerheads come with a wide range of features geared to give you the best clean. Some of these features include:
  • High traction to reduce slip as you move the powerhead along a surface.
  • The height of the rotating brush can be adjusted to determine how deep the bristles go into the surface you are cleaning.
  • Enhanced lighting so that you can clearly see the surface you are trying to clean.
  • The powerhead’s built-in steering element is designed to be highly navigable with maximum maneuverability around obstacles and corners in your home.

Shopping for Powerheads

Here are a few tips to help you when purchasing or replacing a powerhead.
  • Check the maneuverability of the powerhead. How steerable is it?
  • Feel the traction against a surface like a carpet.
  • The powerhead should be well-lit to ensure you can see any surface.

NuTone Hoses

NuTone hoses are highly flexible and durable. When you purchase a NuTone Hose, you are guaranteed value for your money.

Maintaining Your Powerhead

The brush roll is a motorized brush that agitates the surface being cleaned. Generally speaking, you should give it the same care you would a normal brush with a few additional steps.
  • Take any tool that has a stiff prong and use it to gently remove any tangled hair or strings. Be careful not to damage the bristles of the brush roll. This is an activity that should be done regularly because any debris on the brush roll will affect its efficiency.
  • Change the belt of the brush roll. There is a belt that connects the motor and the brush roll. If you notice that your brush roll sometimes stalls for no apparent reason, this may mean that the belt has either lost its tension or has simply worn out.
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