Nutone PP500 Bags

Nutone PP500 BagsThe Nutone 391 premium non-woven fabric offers excellent percolation. Multi-layer workmanship guarantees clean to use, not easy to crack or burst. It fits most typical Nutone central vacuum units. See overall model numbers below. They can be used with the following Nutone models Nutone PP500, PP600 , Nutone CV450, Nutone CV353, Nutone 391, Nutone CV350, Nutone CV400, Nutone 44186, Nutone CV750, Nutone CV352, Nutone CV-391, Nutone Advantage, Nutone CF3918, Nutone CV351, Nutone CV10, Nutone CV653, Nutone V110025, Nutone CV553, Nutone CV553. 

What are the Features of the Nutone PP500 Bags and How Effective are they?

The Nutone PP500 quality central vacuum bags are compatible with ordinary central vacuum units. Made from non-woven, tear-resistant fabric matter, these bags are intended to endure the harsh working setting of central vacuum units that are used often. More filtration and less clutter for your central vacuum unit is our aim. We make our bags of supreme quality. Cashback assurance if these bags do not meet the description.

Don't let dirt and dust collect in the vacuum then scattering them everywhere in your home. Extend the life cycle of your vacuum cleaner and improve the usefulness and force of your vacuum by fitting a new vacuum bag with the same supreme quality as the name brand but at a reasonable price. We advise swapping your vacuum bags every 30 to 60 days for best functionality.

Vacuum-cleaning with a high-efficiency bag cleanses the air within your house. Perfect for those who suffer from allergic or dust-related discomforts. Removes dust, dirt, and allergens while you vacuum clean to better the quality of air in your home.

Made to counterbalance smells at the source, releases fresh, odor-free air into your house as you clean. Breathe easier and feel revitalized by sifting the air inside your home leading to generally better health. Ensure that you check your bag to confirm that you are getting the right parts.

Don't make do with generics or pay high prices for expensive unique parts. Purchase a product you can depend on. Pick quality appliance parts and get the most reliable name in America for replacement parts. Kindly check your vacuum bag to confirm that it matches the description and image before ordering.

Substituting the bag on your central vacuum component can advance the suction of your unit. Any vacuum unit that makes use of a bag begins to lose force as the bag fills. So, buy in now on this central vacuum spare bag for the Nutone PP500, central vacuum model numbers and brands listed above. This bag style is also referred to as  44186. The material used is a  2-ply high air porousness filter paper

Nutone 391 Replacement Bags for Central Vac, Set of 3 Six Gallon Bags?

Broan Nutone PP500 BagsDeep cleaning is not a chore anymore with NuTone tight-seal vacuum bags. These vacuum bags trap and tightly seal dust, dirt, and allergen elements away with dependable efficiency to make your house a healthier and cleaner place for your household to live.

2-ply electro-statically loaded filter media traps particles down to .10 micron at 85% effectiveness, guaranteeing a healthy and clean atmosphere for your family. Recommended replacement around twice a year permits for maximum efficiency and performance.

What are the Advantages of the Nutone PP500 Bags?

The advantages of purchasing the Nutone PP500 vacuum bags include:

  • Gathers and tightly seal dust dirt and allergen elements for a cleaner house
  • Traps particles at 85% efficiency down to 0.10 microns.
  • 6 Gal. volume with modest filter changing and bag removal
  • 2-ply electro-statically loaded filter media

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