Nutone PP6501 Central Vacuum

Nutone PP6501 Central VacuumThe Nutone Purepower 650  air watts housing central vacuum cleaner power unit blends unmatched filtration and powerful suction, to get rid of dust and other debris from your house. It comes with closed HEPA filtration integrated with 650 air watts of capacity to give you spotless internal air. It has a smooth design that can fit into condensed spaces and works fine for houses from 2,000 to 7,000 square feet. The PP6501 works quietly and is almost silent to you when vacuum-cleaning if it is fitted in a garage or basement. With supreme filtration, you won’t be dispersing the dust around -- since microscopic dust elements are wiped out to the outside of your house.

 What are the Main Nutone PP6501 Features?

The Nutone PP6501 contains the following features:

  • Flex Collect fragments discarding - Hybrid system of bagging means this control unit can be used as bagless and bagged
  • Closed HEPA with glued joints provides matchless filtration for spotless indoor air
  • For houses up to 7,000 square feet
  • Flow-through noise-absorbing constituents and motor makes this one of the noiseless power units in its category
  • Huge six-gallon bag volume usually lasts 6 months
  • Huge ergonomic fasteners on the remains pail make draining your central vacuum laid-back - debris pail grips flip open to get rid of the disposable bag for an easy and quick debris disposal
  • Six-foot-long power cable
  • Utility inlet contained within
  • UL listed
  • Multi-direction vacuum connection for easy fitting even in small rooms; six-foot power cable encompassed for even more convenience

The next generation of pure power is here with less noise and more power than its preceding model. The Nutone Purepower PP6501 central vacuum power unit has been planned for use in houses up to 7,000 square feet. It's perfect for a basement or garage installation and takes up a small space.

Although the Nutone PP6501 is compacted, there's no losing bag volume. The unit comprises a six-gallon pail that will only require to be replaced about twice a year and can put up bags or be used as a bagless element. Replacing the pail is made seamless because of the huge latches that flip open for easy removal.

The PP6501 has a solitary stage motor with remarkable 650 air watts. On account of the sound-absorbing and thru-flow motor, high-performance assembly techniques, and material, the PP6501 functions quietly, even deprived of a muffler. If you elect to add a muffler, this item would be one of the most noiseless in the business. Explore all the characteristics of the Nutone Pure power PP6501 Central Vacuum.

What Makes the Nutone PP6501 Central Vacuum Stand Out?

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  • Intended for houses from 2,000 to 7,000 ft. and offers 650 Air Watts of power to safeguard deeper vacuum cleaning than orthodox upright vacuums; UL listed for your self-confidence
  • Closed HEPA containing HEPA filter with attached seams delivers unmatched filtration for freshest indoor air
  • ULTRA Silent Expertise: Thru-flow motors joined with high-performance and sound-absorbing material and assembly systems make these cleaners among the best in the industry guaranteeing a quiet process that won’t interrupt the family while you clean; no muffler needed.
  • The cross bagging system provides bagless and bagged choices in one unit. It utilizes Nutone version 391 vacuum bags. Never be lacking a vacuum cleaner again. Just switch to bagless if your bags run out.
  • 5-year labor, 8-year parts producer warranty with help from an award-winning client service crew

Broan-Nutone LLC permits to the original customer/buyer of its merchandise that the product will be free from quantifiable defects in the Merchandise or its workmanship for the date stated on the chart (or, if no period is stated for the product, then for a window of one (1) year), beginning on the date you buy the Product.

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