A Guide to NuTone Replacement Parts

Nutone Attachment Kits

Attachment Kits Are Handy

Think Vacuums is a leading retailer for NuTone vacuum supplies and replacement parts. Order:

We have the parts you need to keep your Nutone Central Vacuum System operating effectively. No matter what your need may be, whether it’s maintenance and repair, expansion accessories, or a new unit we can help you make the best choices to fit your budget.

All our parts are genuine Nutone parts and come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee security protection. Our return policy is hassle-free and gives our valued customers 30 days to decide if our product is right for them. With quality customer service and top of the line products, you simply cannot go wrong when you chose us for your NuTone central vacuum system needs.

Power Units, Attachment Kits, and Power Heads

Nutone Central Vacuum Power Unit

NuTone Power Units Are Among the

The Nutone Pure Power series power units surpass those of its competitors. We offer 3 models of central vacuum cleaners that specifically outperform the rest by ensuring that all micro-particles are contained from returning to the air. The NuTone PP600, NuTone PP650, and NuTone PP550 are models that are built for top of the line cleaning performance.

To ensure that you get the most out of your NuTone professional cleaning machine, the attachment kits are specifically made for this unique brand. Electric and Turbo kits are available depending on your jobs’ needs. No matter the task at hand or type of flooring, our customized attachment kits can handle the job. These unique powerheads come as either the Nutone Air-Driven Turbo Powerheads or the NuTone Electric Powerheads. These carpet nozzles are designed with a lower profile than most conventional models to provide a deeper cleaning of your carpets and hard floor.

“Whether a large home or a cottage, NuTone Central Vacuum Systems will simply change your life.”

Tools, Accessories, Wands, and Hoses

Our tools and accessories are designed with your unique vacuuming jobs in mind. From stairs and upholstery to blinds and shutter tools, we have the tools you need to make your tough tasks a breeze. Our pipes and wands are great for adding an extension for those hard-to-reach places like ledges and fans. Our hoses add length to our NuTone Central Vacuum System to increase accessibility in your home leaving no corner untouched. With our extensive add-on options, we have all you cleaning needs covered and are excited to share our innovative product with you.

Bags, Filters, and Complete Packages

Order a Complete Package
for Best Results

You will love our products for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning. With all the use you will get out of them, maintenance is inevitable. We carry a large selection of replacement bags and filters for your home cleaning device. Our experienced customer service team is highly qualified to help you locate your model and match it to the correct replacement parts needed to keep your NuTone system operating at optimal performance.

For ease of purchasing and installing tools and accessories, our Nutone Complete, all-in-one packages are highly recommended for getting your new machine up and running in no time. These packages are bundled at a great price and include everything you need to tackle all areas in your home. They include the power unit, installation material with elbows, couplings, mounting brackets, and all hardware necessary to get your machine operating smoothly.

Our Great Products Are World-Famous

Use Your Central Vacuum to Clean
the Garage
It Is Also Dandy for Vacuuming
the Inside of Autos

Whether a large home or a cottage, NuTone Central Vacuum Systems will simply change your life. This clean environment will promote health for your family and a sense of security in knowing your house is being thoroughly maintained. Our quality products are backed with a 30-day hassle free return policy to ensure peace of mind. Our experienced customer service staff will listen to your needs and help you pick the NuTone Vacuum model for your home.

Don’t forget your cars and garage when it comes to using your central vacuum system. We carry many compatible residential garage vacuums, accessories, and tools for your NuTone system. These home garage vacuums (with industrial vacuum power) are affordable for any budget, compact, and great for any garage or home workshop, with or without one of our NuTone systems.

Sleek and powerful, the garage vacuum installs in minutes and is great for vacuuming cars, trucks, RV's, boats, 4-wheelers, jet skis, and much more. Why lug around a shop vacuum, getting tangled in the cord or hose when you can have the convenience of an attractive, garage vacuum system? If you already own a central vacuum system, check out our convenient care and garage attachment kits.

All tools in our kits are non-corrosive, molded in black, and are designed to deliver optimal cleaning performance for your cars and garage. We also stock cabinet style units that easily attach to your NuTone vacuum and stows away in cabinets, pantries, closets, bathrooms or kitchens. These units allow easy daily quick cleaning without using a long bulky central vacuum hose and wand.

If you are buying a complete new system, we will also walk you through the installation and set up process over the phone. Our great customer testimonials reveal how our products have built a longstanding reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Give us a call today and let us help you get started. You will not be sorry you chose NuTone for your home cleaning needs.

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