Pet Hair Vacuum Buying Guide

Pet Hair Vacuum Buying Guide

Pets are some of our utmost companions, but caring for cats and dogs means we have lots of extra hair in the house to clean up. Accumulated pet hair can be more than just an annoyance for those individuals who suffer from allergies.

And for those pet owners without allergies, you know how annoying it can be to have matted hair all over your carpet and furniture and to watch clouds of Snoopy's or Garfield's extra hair drifting around the room on a gentle breeze.

Best Vacuum Specifically Intended for Pets

andheld Vacuum for Pet Hair Shedding is natural for our furry companions, and eliminating all that hair is a lot tougher than a novice pet owner would think – the first line of defense is a vacuum mainly designed to clean pet hair.

Most standard vacuums aren't designed to effectively suction pet hair – whether they're hand-held models, heavy-duty uprights, or even high-powered central systems. You require to carefully evaluate each of their features to determine the top vacuum from the pet hair brands available and match them with your unique vacuum cleaner requirements and preferences. The mantra is to select equipment with the suction, filters, and tools to handle high volumes of pet hair.

Different Kinds of Vacuums for Pet Hair

There are several options you will require to consider – these can include upright vacuums, canister vacuumsand all-around vacuums. Canister vacuums usually provide more excellent maneuverability over close edges compared to the upright vacuums. There are also some great cordless stick vacuums like the Bissell Bolt XRT Pet 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum, which does excellent work on pet hair.

HEPA Vacuums for Those Without Pets

If you are an allergy sufferer without a pet, then you can also utilize this guide to find the best vacuums with HEPA filters – as these vacuums can significantly reduce the number of allergens in the air.

Here is a review of some top-rated best pet hair vacuums in different categories for bed, bath and beyond that really excel in cleaning up after your cats and dogs:

Dyson Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum

Pet Hair Vacuum Reviews Dyson claims to have a study showing that Animal 2 has the strongest suction of any pet hair vacuum on the market. Whether that's true or not (and we have no reason to doubt them), this baby can suck up dirt and pet hair with the best of them; with an impressive 270 air watts of suction, the Animal 2 is the firm's most powerful pet hair vacuum ever.

The other reason for its outstanding performance is Dyson's "Radial Root Cyclone" technology, which we don't pretend to understand fully, but creates powerful circular air movement inside the machine, resulting in outstanding suction.

And a third reason is a self-adjusting cleaner base plate, which makes sure the vacuum head maintains close contact with the floor or carpet (getting much deeper into carpet piles) and lets the powered air be used for its intended purpose instead of leaking out.

This Dyson isn't just for floors, however. It has a tangle-free turbine tool that uses heads that rotate in opposite directions to ensure that the vacuum grabs all of the matted hair that collects on couches, chairs, beds, and even clothing. There's also an optional grooming tool which attaches to the Animal 2, enabling you to remove the loose hair from your long-haired Snoopy before the hair has a chance to lodge itself somewhere else.

One other fine feature is the vacuum's "ball technology," featuring a round base that makes this Dyson much easier to maneuver in tight spaces than competitive models.

Like the other top selections on our list, the Animal Complete has a whole-machine lifetime HEPA filtration to capture allergens and pollen, but this one is certified asthma and allergy-friendly.

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