Pet Hair Vacuums for Hardwood Floors Reviews

Pet Hair Vacuums for Hardwood Floors Reviews

What is the most effective vacuum for cleaning pet hair? Which type of vacuums can pick up pet hair without ruining hardwood floors or failing to get dirt out of a carpet while suctioning up pet hair and dander?

Effective Vacuums for Pet Hair on Wooden Floors

​Let’s review the vacuums that might claim the title as the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair on hardwood floors. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these vacuums that perform better than average with the challenges pet hair and hardwood floors pose? And which vacuums would be the best vacuum for pet hair and hardwood floors given your budget, needs, and circumstance?

Hoover Corded Cyclonic Stick Vacuum Model SH20030

Vacuum for Pet Hair on Hardwood Floors This Hoover vacuum cleaner is one of the inexpensive Hoovers available. It is as light as a cordless vacuum but has a long 20-foot cord, so it does not run out of power. It merely weighs nine pounds. This vacuum is highly navigable in all directions and can lay almost flat to get under furniture. You can transition from hard floors such as tile and wood to low carpet without adjusting anything.

One of the points in favor of this model is that its dirt cup has a clear indicator to know when it must be emptied. The downside is that the dirt cup needs to be emptied often due to its small capacity.

​One of the shortcomings of this vacuum is that it tends to clog if you’re suctioning up fur balls.

This vacuum utilizes washable filters that don’t have

to be replaced very often. Replacement filters and belts for this type of vacuum are a couple of dollars each and easily found. This is a good inexpensive pet hair vacuum as long as you aren’t chasing fur tumbleweeds, cleaning large areas, or vacuuming the thick carpet.

BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Corded Vacuum Model 81L2A

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair on Carpet and Hardwood Floors This is the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair and hardwood floors for people with a limited budget. Although it looks like a stick vacuum, it is a corded vacuum that won’t die after fifteen minutes of use. The V-shaped head of this vacuum cleaner makes it good at picking up fine dust and dander directly in front of the head, though cleaning large parts with its narrow cleaning path can be a hassle.

The V-shaped head design makes this vacuum exclusively capable of sucking up those nasty hairballs and tumbleweeds of pet hair some long-haired heavily shedding critters create. Its only main weakness is failing to do nearly as good a job on the carpet as it does on hardwood floors.

​This vacuum is agile enough to clean around furniture with little hassle. It weighs about ten pounds, so you won’t get tired cleaning with it. It contains an easy to empty dirt cup. Be careful to do with the container’s end already inside the trash can to minimize the dirt cloud. The irony of the price of this vacuum’s low cost is that a replacement filter kit is up to one fifth the price of a new vacuum. And for any kind of major repair such as a burned-out motor, you are better off replacing the vacuum cleaner than fixing the problem. This is the utmost vacuum cleaner for cleaning up hairballs and large fur balls off hardwood floors.

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