Common Pet Vacuums FAQs Answered

What Should I Do About the Pet Odor Problem?

Often, if you have a pet, there are some nasty odors you have to deal with. There are steps to eliminating odor below.

  1. Finish the lingering odors that remain from past occurrences. You will need to use a high-quality odor neutralizer to remove odors from carpeting and upholstery. Consequentially, treat each accident at once to stop the smell before it starts.
  2. Keep odors in check by washing your pet and cleaning litter, sawdust, and birdcages frequently.
  3. Regular use a pet vacuum to maintain the pet’s constant cleanliness

Why do I need a specific vacuum for the care of pets?

Pet foul smell Pets can put much wear and tear on vacuum cleaners. Depending on whether you are a homeowner, veterinarian or groomer, it is good to think about the longevity of the vacuum cleaner you choose. Central vacuum power units and vacuum cleaners are known for their reliability and durability.

I have mostly had hard floors. What type of vacuum is best for cleaning up after pets?

If your home has mostly hard floors, cleaning up after animals is much easier. In this case, we recommend a central vacuum system or a good canister vacuum. If you have some limited area rugs, you might want to consider a canister or central vacuum system with a turbine powerhead. Upright vacuum cleaners are not the right choice for homes with mostly hard floors. Uprights were designed and work best on carpeting.

I mostly have carpeting. What type of vacuum should I choose?

If your home has mostly carpeting, you will need a central vacuum system or sturdy canister with an electric powerhead or a good quality upright vacuum cleaner. If accessories are essential to you and you prefer an upright vacuum, make sure the vacuum has easy-to-use attachments.

I have a lot of carpeting, hard floors, and pets. What are my options?

If your home has solid floors and carpeting, it’s probably a good idea if you buy a central vacuum system or canister vacuum with an electric powerhead. This selection will give you a superior cleaning for your carpeting and all the equipment you need to clean hard surfaces.

My pet is fearful of loud noises and has a nervous breakdown once I run the vacuum. Got any ideas?

regular pet vacuuming Many pets are scared of vacuum cleaners. Premium vacuum cleaners usually are much quieter than their cheap counterparts. A central vacuum system is the most silent solution due to the motor of the unit located away from the living area (mostly in a garage or utility room). When you put on a central vacuum system, the only noise your pet will gather is the turning of the powerhead beater brush and the suction noise from the hose.

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