Ways to Vacuum Your House of Fleas

Ways to Vacuum Your House of Fleas

Eliminate fleas by vacuuming Flea infestations vary in intensity. Some homes have only a small number of fleas that are hard to find and easy to remove. Others have fleas that seem to arrive in swarms, leading you to wake up every morning with bites everywhere on your body or your pets’ bodies. The small fleas often die off on their own, and a minimal amount of flea medication on your pet is usually enough to finish them. But what about extreme flea infestations?

How to vacuum fleas

One of the most popular ways to try to remove fleas is by vacuuming them. Fleas like to live on the ground (and on comfortable vacuumable furniture), so vacuuming over them with a vacuum should, in theory, make it possible to eliminate them off the floor and from your home.

Vacuuming does work in terms of minimizing the severity of the infestation. But fleas breed fast, and in the case of extreme flea infestations, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to eliminate all of the fleas from the carpet. Moreover, flea eggs attach themselves to carpet fibers. Traditional vacuuming is not going to work. Luckily, there are ways you can try to maximize the effectiveness of flea vacuuming.

The following are several essential vacuuming tips to help remove fleas from your home altogether:

1. Vacuum Every Day Due to flea eggs being difficult to see and even more challenging to remove, you should presume you’re only removing the adults every time you vacuum. That’s why it’s essential to vacuum daily. Every day you vacuum, you will remove all of the hatched eggs before becoming adults and making more flea eggs. Vacuuming in a bagless vacuum, however, will only worsen the situation.

2. Always Seal and Eliminate

Once you’re done vacuuming, put the vacuum bag in a sealable bag, shut it, and remove it from your property. Make sure the bag is airless so that the fleas can’t evade. Fleas are often attracted to your home, so if you dispose of the bag outside, many of those fleas are going to re-enter.

3. Boric Acid Protect yourself while vacuuming.

You may also want to consider initially treating your carpet with something that can kill fleas and flea eggs before vacuuming them up so that they do not have a chance to move away from the vacuum. Boric acid is a natural powder that causes extreme dehydration in fleas. By sprinkling some on your carpet and in all flea-infested areas, and keeping it there for a number of hours, you can kill off most fleas and then vacuum up the fleas and boric acid after.

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